Saturday, September 25, 2010

Leftist "RNC Welcoming Committee" Raided By FBI

ThePeace ActivistsLeftist terrorist sympathizers who formed the “RNC Welcoming Committee” behind the bus attacks on the Republican National Committee’s meeting in Minneapolis in 2008 have had their offices and homes raided by the FBI in conjunction with their support of FARC and other terrorist organizations including the PFLP and Hezbollah.

The linkage between the Peace ActivistsCommie sympathizers community and terrorist organizations are generally acknowledged but to my knowledge have rarely been acted upon by our government. It is nice to see that this criminal support of narco terrorist and terrorist organizations is being acted upon.

Go to Gateway Pundit to read the whole thing.

I for one see this type of reporting at the Gateway Pundit to be a harbinger of hope in that Gateway Pundit is now referencing actions supporting democracy in other nations. For too long we have worried myopically about our slide into a Socialist state.

I believe supporting democracy and our republic is and must be our primary worldly concern and see this news as a piece of that whole.

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