Sunday, October 26, 2008

Victory Without the Results

Nearly six months after Morgan Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) defeated Robert Mugabe aka Comrade Bob in the presidential election a transition to the lawful new President has not occurred. The sticking point here may be that Comrade Bob's supporter's efforts at ballot box stuffing and voter intimidation were successful enough to require a run off between the MDC candidate and ZANU-PF's leader of thirty plus years Robert Mugabe. While Morgan Tsvangirai did withdraw his name from the run off due to voter and opposition intimidation.

Despite winning the Presidency and a majority in the representative body there has been no transition.

A compromise of power sharing had been attempted and agreed to on September 15th however the ZANU-PF is sabotaging negotiations on which Ministries will be held by MDC vs ZANFU-PF. Latest reports claim Morgan Tsvangirai is ready to boycott talks with ZANU-PF as they have been unproductive.

All of this occurs while starvation is hitting the common people of Zimbabwe. Once the breadbasket of Africa exporting food even during crises in the past such as the Ethopian famines, Comrade Bob's redistribution of the once efficient corporate farms, the industry underpinning Zimbabwe's economy, to ZANU-PF cronies has resulted in mass starvation and economic collapse.

Perhaps there is a lesson there for the electorate of a different nation that redistribution of wealth, or socialism if you prefer, results in economic collapse. t does not matter if the country is in South America, Africa, Europe or the Pacific Rim.

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