Friday, October 17, 2008

Ayers and McVeigh

I should not be surprised that my fellow Americans are able to shrug off the acquaintance of presidential hopeful Barack Obama with William Ayers a leader in the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization of the 1960's and 1970's.

Why it was forty years ago that William Ayers along with the other "Weathermen" attempted to bend the U.S. government and its people to their will with a campaign of terror. A handful of relatively unsuccessful bombings is easy to forget and move on about.

What is not said is that the only reason William Ayers did not serve any criminal sentence for his crimes was a judge throwing the case out on grounds of government misconduct.

Imagine if you will a different domestic terrorist let loose upon a legal technicality after his atrocity. Imagine rather than the bumbling and generally inept attempts by the marxist revolutionary wannabe the domestic terrorist in question was actually successful in his attaining his goals of mass carnage to get his message out.

Would you expect to see Timothy McVeigh celebrated by the intelligentsia after murdering 168 people including many children attending a day care center at the Murray Federal building? Would you expect to somehow not know that this individual was part of a group that was successful in murdering Men, women and children?

Ponder this; the intent of both Timothy McVeigh and William Ayers was the same, to commit an act of terrorism to get publicity for their agenda. That one was successful and the other was inept matters not.

Now think on who would associate with a Timothy McVeigh should he have been released on a legal technicality and was free to live his life unlike his victims. How could they not know who and what he was. Think on what group or individuals would associate themselves with that type of person.

Do you want them represented even obliquely at the highest levels in our government?

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