Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Who Would Trust Them With Their Health

While vacationing this weekend I was privileged, if that is the correct word, to experience a beautiful demonstration of why the government should not be trusted with managing health care.

While traveling to Southern Arizona from Phoenix I went through Tucson. In their infinite wisdom those in charge of planning the expansion of I-10, which runs along the downtown area of Tucson, every exit East and West bound was closed. Literally there was no available exit for ten miles. Notably lacking what would normally be the heaviest used exits with access to main thoroughfares.

Imagine you want to go Tucson for business, you either have to exit at the far North or far Southern ends of the city to enter it. This would add thirty minutes to nearly any trip outside of Tucson to a destination near the city center.

Add to this they scheduled the closures to occur during their busiest week of the year when the Gemological show is in town.

Now think of what that would mean to you if the same mentality of "public service" was used to provide your health care services. The delays in this case would not be measured in minutes of travel but in mortality.

This matches only one city I have seen for civic planning ineptitude; St. Louis and St. Louis County. These geniuses would close down all but one lane of the bridge across I-70 from St. Charles to St. Louis over the Missouri river during rush hour (both morning and night). A stunning display of ineptitude and disregard for the tax payer I assure you.

Update: No, this is not an April Fools joke.

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