Thursday, April 03, 2008

Goodbye Comrade Bob

And hello to Comrade Kirchner.

Zimbabwe's MDC party ousted Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's dictator for nearly thirty years, in recent elections.

While Comrade Bob has not vacated the presidential palace at this point the writing is on the wall. No doubt he will get a sweetheart deal from the EU to vacate since bribing him out would be cheaper than military intervention by the United States and our allies in Europe.

Just as soon as one dictator is sent to the ash heap of history a new one is starting to emerge from under his her rock.

Go read the whole thing.

Argentine which has had a history of leftist and military coups, counter-coups and counter-counter-coups has entrenched themselves firmly upon the recently vacated path worn through the hungry bellies of Zimbabwe’s children; meddling with the free market and the production of food.

To add icing the icing to the cake the neo-marxists in charges of Argentina is now bringing out the same canard used by a military junta in 1982; Las Malvinas the Falkland Islands are now and will ever be part of Argentina. Of course this is on the heels of the recent discovery of oil in the ocean floor off of the Falkland Islands.

I will say this for Argentina they just may have a better shot at winning should there be a conflict over the Falkland Islands than last time considering the way the United Kingdom’s Labour government has continuously worked to eliminate through starvation the once proud Royal Navy.

This is a good reminder that despite defeating tyranny in one battle the war continues with new battlefields constantly emerging where the forces of the free market and individual freedom square off against the despots and the suppression of freedom around the world.

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Yep you're right about Labour's destruction of the Royal Navy. It's a shame people in the US seem more aware of it than most UK citizens! Check out: