Sunday, April 20, 2008

Common Man's Wisdom

As a firm believer in the ability of the common man to make decisions that are far wiser than our elected officials are capable of I felt vindicated by the longshoreman in South Africa standing up to tyrants both in their own government and that of a neighboring country.

The longshoremen refused to unload weapons bound for Zimbabwe where Comrade Bob Mugabe the marxist dictator has managed to destroy that country's economy and turn it from the breadbasket of Africa into a nation of starving millions. Currently Comrade Bob is in the midst of stealing himself another election. Widely acknowledged to have lost by a margin so great not even all the dead voters of Chicago and St. Louis could help him, he is stonewalling the face of the Zimbabwean people's rejection of him and his cronies.

Part of his resistance are the weapons ordered from China that would help him subjugate the Zimbabweans.

Unfortunately the kleptocracy in charge of South Africa decided to allow the shipment of weapons to be moved provided the paperwork was in order. By paperwork I assume he greased the right palms.

Bravo the longshoremen for taking a stand against the corrupt despots in their own country and that of their neighbor to the North.

Hat tip to Instapundit.

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