Thursday, August 02, 2007

Obama's "Segolene" Moment

Illinois socialist Democrat Senator Barak Obama has had a “Segolene” moment when he called for invading Pakistan. Much like the unsuccessful socialist candidate for France’s presidency Segolene Royal who stated, “Liberty and sovereignty for Quebec reflect our shared common values.", Senator Obama called for invading a sovereign nation. While Pakistan is troubled with extremists, President Musharaf has been cooperating with the U.S.A. regarding our war on terrorism.

Naivety aside what makes this comment worse is the ignorance or disregard for the fact that Pakistan is a nation with a nuclear arsenal of its own. I doubt it would take much persuasion to move the entire region to become less cooperative regarding our aims.

For example India, the world’s most populous democracy, would not be strengthening ties with a nation that would move them closer to the outright nuclear war they have been avoiding with Pakistan. This warming of relations between the United States of America and India occurring now after decades of the Cold War where they were more closely aligned with the late, unlamented Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is precisely the wrong moment to be antagonizing an increasingly strategic partner. I doubt it would take much to ruin the cooperation and economic opportunity that we have cultivated with India of late.

The part that saddens me is the individuals who support Sen. Obama’s bid for the presidency probably do not understand the danger that this lack of knowledge regarding international affairs presents.

For those who do not understand what a disaster a lack of insight into foreign affairs and history is click this link.

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Conservative Scalawag said...

Obama has shown the coutry how much of an amature he is when it comes to running for the highest office. He has no foriegn policy background now any diplomacy background. He,in my opinion is on a downward sprial.