Friday, August 17, 2007

For Your Family

An Arizona Peace Officer put his two cents regarding defending your family in this editorial in the Arizona Republic.

I can say nothing he did not say himself:

Whatever it requires, no member of this family will become someone's victim.

As a police officer, I was always armed. I extended that umbrella of protection to each member of the family in the form of common sense precautions.

I could immediately recognize someone who did not belong in our neighborhood. Security doors were installed on outside doorways. In addition to my service weapon, I always kept a loaded gun in the house.

I can hear the grannies, male and female, now: "Eeek! A loaded gun! I'm afraid of guns and don't want one near me!" That is an illogical and emotional response comparable to being afraid of your spare tire. The philosophy that supports the possession and use of a defensive weapon is precisely the same as that which supports the spare tire in your vehicle: It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

When our children were very small, I had occasion to be out of town overnight. At a very late hour, someone attempted to kick in the front door. He did not leave until my wife threatened to shoot through the door. The situation was resolved with no shots fired, by a person who had a defensive weapon and knew how to use it. The kids were a little frightened by all the racket, but very much alive. I should add there was no 911 at that time.

Go ye forth and Read The Whole Thing.

Hat tip to Says Uncle.

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