Friday, August 24, 2007

Evolution In Action?

Vervet monkeys are devouring a Nigerian farming communities crops.

It is no surprise that animals will come looking for an easy meal.

What is surprising is these monkeys do not fear the women of the village and reportedly are communicating via gestures their contempt when they identify the women.

Other reports note the group of monkeys are also killing livestock and guard dogs.

What the village needs is a couple of claymores or at least a dozen shotguns.

A couple of blasts from armed outraged farmers would incline the monkeys to move elsewhere.

Apparently the villagers however are unarmed and have had to appeal to their government for help. And we all know the likelihood of anything constructive being done by the government about such a problem in any period of time let alone fast enough to save this community's harvest.

While monkey's humiliating villagers and eating their crops may sound funny there is a dire risk of starvation for the village's people especially children and the infirm who are most at risk.

This is another example of what is wrong with being disarmed; you are unable to deal with nonhuman threats to your food source.

Vegans beware this puts you all that much closer to a move down the pyramid from top predator to prey. With the inability to supplement your diet with meat and a philosophical unwillingness to defend yourselves you place yourselves in extinction's waiting room.

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