Monday, May 28, 2007

Yaar, It Be Tacticool

I am a big fan of CZ firearms. Their tough construction, functionality and affordable price all put them in the solid defensive handgun, homeland defense rifle and sporting rifle categories. In fact there are many great things that come from the Czech Republic. Sometimes I have to wonder where their inspiration comes from.

Take for example the latest evolution of the CZ 75, the P01.
A fine pistol made even better by the addition of a accessory rail, serrations on the front of the pistol grip and extended backstrap. This however was not enough for the fine people of CZ UB. They have added a new element to the defensive handgun or perhaps brought one back from the days of iron men and wooden ships; the tactical bayonet mounted on your pistol. For those moments when you are unable to reload or your off hand is busy now you can keep striking at your foes after the magazine has run dry.

As previously mentioned this is not a new idea but the resurgence of an old one. I wonder which manufacturers will follow suit?

All I can think is it makes we me want to repel boarders.

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