Sunday, May 06, 2007

Une Victoire De l'Espoir En La Belle France

Today the French electorate made their choice in the second round of voting today making Nikolas Sarkozy the next president of France.

With amazing turn out percentages of 75% with various districts reporting 86% turnout, the people of France have made their voice clear; change and hope are the order of the day. It seems clear that the French want their moribund economy to return to the days of the La Belle Epoque, where France's economy was vibrant, contributed to scientific advancement and regarded highly for their achievements in the arts. All prior to the grotesque bloodletting that gave rise to the socialist control of France during the First World War.

Performing at the victory celebration is France's #1 Elvis impersonator, Johnny Hallyday, who if you see him is recognizable from many motion pictures. This selection is notable in two regards that it reflects Nikolas Sarkozy's more friendly attitude towards the Etat's Unis than his predecessors and that it may reflect what is in the offing for France e.g. tax reform as Johnny Hallyday is a tax refugee now residing in Switzerland having proclaimed that he would move back to France if they reformed their tax code.

More on the French elections can be found here and here.

I will celebrate this victory for hope with Calvados Boulard brandy.

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