Sunday, May 20, 2007

Stupid Cop Tricks: Quid Pro Quo

The not so bright and/or ethical among our police frequently wind up in the harsh light of publicity.

Here is another such example consisting of the proverbial quid pro quo, that is do something for me and I'll do something for you. Usually this consists of a sex act performed for the officer's benefit in exchange for the suspect getting a pass on the DUI/DWI.

This example is only different in that the cop was such a 'tard that he allowed the woman to take pictures.

In short, she writes she was pulled over early in the morning. The trooper asks what she does for a living and she tells him she makes "dirty movies." The trooper then pulls up her website in his patrol car.

She writes that the trooper tossed "narcotic pills" she had into some bushes and she performed a sex act on him. Then she writes, "he asked me if he could take photos, I said yes, only if i can have them, he said okay. He even made little videos too."

Those graphic pictures are on Barbie's website and the Tennessee Highway Patrol along with TBI is investigating whether or not a video exists. The woman has been interviewed by the Criminal Investigations Division of THP. This trooper has worked with THP since the mid-1990's. He will remain on leave while troopers investigate further.

Emphasis added.

The knucklehead allegedly even pulled the his victim's website up on his car's laptop. If true, that makes this truly stupid cop trick gold.

While the misuse of authority to extort sexual or monetary favors is bad enough, at least this time the police did not break into the wrong home and kill someone.

Hat tip to Instapundit.

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