Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pricing of Full Auto Weapons in Czech Republic

I have noted previously the costs of full auto weapons artificially inflated by the NFA '34 and the FOPA '86.

Here is some supporting evidence.

Weapons like the Vz 26, Vz 58 pricing in at $200 and $255 for a PKM.

That is right, fully automatic weapons would be worth five cents on the dollar of their current U.S. market value if there was a free market in place.


Tam said...

You should see the look of dawning comprehension on customers' faces when they point at out post-'86 DS M4gery and ask "How much is that one?" and I reply "About $600."

"Really? For a machinegun?"


"But that other one is $14,000! This one's only $600?"


"Cool! How do I buy it?"

"You can't. Unless your last name is 'Police Department', that is."

roninaz said...


Excellent point!

The "special people" can acquire marginally more effective arms which are artificially overvalued by force of law for a pittance of the price a citizen can acquire one at.

Thanks for stopping by.