Friday, April 13, 2007

Zombie Watch On Friday The Thirteenth

Moral Flexibility blog is your site for Zombie preparedness coming out of the great white North.

You will find edification on matters related to surviving the next great ZombApocalypse and some nice gun pr0n as well.

I must say after enjoying that site from time to time its past the point I should add it to the blogroll.

That and I have something to be envious of Canadians for now; they have affordable VZ 58 rifles from one of my favorite countries.

Let's all have a moment of silence in lieu of my rant against the NFA, GCA and other draconian serf control gun control laws in the United States of America which artificially inflate the prices of imported firearms .

Hat tip to Tam of View From The Porch for reminding me of my lack of diligence in recognizing an outstanding blog.


Mugwug said...

Hey thanks for the plug!

I love the VZ58, it's a fine little rifle. In so far as the recent history of my rifle I got it (along with a CZ52 pistol) in trade for an M1 Garand I had built in .308.

I loved that M1, but found I simply couldn't afford 762x51mm ammo at the prices we're seeing up here in the Great White North. I do so hate to see good rifles languishing in the gun cabinet, and so I listed it on a Canadian gun forum for trade (interesting offers accepted).

The VZ58 quickly knocked my anti-zombie rifle SKS off it's perch as one of my favorites, and indeed eventually caused me to sell the SKS off altogether.

Light, accurate (well, accurate for 762x39) and wee. Great combination!

Anyway, I s'pose this level of babbling should be reserved for my own blog.


roninaz said...


The mention of your blog was only its due.

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep up the good work.