Monday, April 09, 2007

Proponents Of Victimization: Illinois State Police

Tam strikes out with the spiked clue bat to the Illinois State Police's recommendations for women should they be attacked.

So, the Illinois State Gendarmerie has put up a web page full of, erm... "helpful" advice for women in case we are attacked. Guns, of course, are a no-no because apparently (at least according to them) we're so flighty that half of the time we try to use a gun for self-defense, we wind up busting a cap in the wrong individual. I'd really love to see their data on that one. (Yeah, you're all the time reading about how some woman in a parking lot somewhere ran her Glock to slidelock in some guy because he pulled a wallet on her. This is me rolling my eyes.)

Instead of a handy, portable weapon that requires no great amount of strength to operate, we are instead advised to attempt to take on a 250lb rapist with a teasing brush or a handful of keys. Brilliant plan, that. "Well, sir, we couldn't revive her, but her assailant should be easy to spot in a lineup. Judging by what she had clenched in her hand in her last moments, his hair should look fantastic."

Since Illinois is one of the gulags where they keep their wives and daughters disarmed and easily victimized, it is no surprise to me their State Police should espouse such hornswoggle.

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Update: Say Uncle wields the spiked clue bat on this one as well.

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