Monday, April 02, 2007

Pink Pistols

I am a vehement supporter of the right of self defense. That one has an inalienable God given right and duty to defend one's life and that of their family is a given to me. This is why I support my fellow humanity in their quest to live freely, irregardless of differences in faith, origin, sexual preference or economic circumstance.

In accordance with my beliefs I am again affirming this in my support of the Pink Pistols, an organization for the gay and trans gendered community and their right to self defense.

No one deserves to victimized based upon their lifestyle choices provided they do not of course victimize others.

I know and call friends people from the gay community. They do not deserve to be the victims of attacks, whether that be groups of straight people out "rolling fags" (beating up gay people with baseball bats or what have you) or pogroms of one nature or another.

I am proud to be in a nation that supports my fellow citizens right to self defense.

The San Jose chapter of the Pink Pistols is about five years old, but was sitting inactive until Stallard took over two years ago. She's been orchestrating group shoots at the San Jose Municipal shooting range for the past eight months. She describes the group as a small, libertarian-flavored social club that welcomes anyone - regardless of sexual orientation - to participate. Stallard says there are about a dozen or so members, but only a handful of participants at the monthly shoots. She hopes to encourage more political activism as the chapter grows.

Carla Satra serves as range master for the San Jose chapter. She's in her early 60s and says she has been shooting guns since she was a little girl.

Satra says she's disgusted with "the maniacal hoplophobia [fear of weaponry] of the liberal left.

"I'm very much appalled by people who call themselves liberal that would be willing to sacrifice victims to criminal violence to support their politics.

"There are a great many so-called liberal people who have this wonderful fantasy of a world where there's no violence, and allow their fantasy world to demand that prospective victims be disarmed so they'll be helpless in the face of violent criminals. I'm appalled at the concept of victim disarmament. I really don't want to see any more violence, and weapons are a deterrent."
Emphasis added.

Myself and the 2nd Amendment supporting community welcomes their brothers and sisters in arms. Those that read and understand history know it is a short step from denigrating and controlling one community to doing so to the populace at large.

Remember this and welcome our brothers and sisters to the firearms community. We have far more in common than there are differences that separate us.

Hat tip to Keep And Bear Arms and the ever excellent Oleg Volk.

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