Monday, April 02, 2007

Insatiable Appetite Soured

I typically have an insatiable appetite for the printed word.

Whether it be history texts or science fiction novels, a guilty pleasure of mine, I purchase a great deal of books and read then reread them.

It takes a rather decidedly subpar effort for me to not finish a book.

This happened to me with Raymond Khoury's The Last Templar.

An another interesting title wrapped around crap.

The crap in question here was questioning of the Christian faith that has developed for the last two thousand years. As if the formation of that faith and its doctrine would not survive the so called revelation of an evolution in selected texts of the gospel and what makes up the Bible.

Give me a fricking break here people.

While you may disagree with Christian doctrine and point to failures in the bureaucratic representation of Christianity on Earth, that does not mean that the followers would be shattered by this revelation, so called.

And should you select this for a topic at least have the decency to write above a middle school level.

Granted I only selected this book to kill a few hours in an airport and flight that its volume of suck exceeded the point to being able to choke down the remainder during the flight is quite telling.

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