Monday, April 16, 2007

Fred Fry Int'l Remembers The Soviet Union

Fred Fry International, a naval affairs website, remembers the late, unlamented by the free world Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union was one of the most murderous, criminal regimes to ever exist on this planet. Despite falling apart in the early nineties, it is greatly responsible for most of the conflicts we see to this day. It is important to understand the contribution of the Soviet Union to global conflict as Russia today continues to create instability in the world. In addition, it is good to note and remember what the Soviet Union did during it's existence on Earth. Especially considering the following:

Russian president Vladimir Putin considers the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 as one of the greatest catastrophes of the 20th century. His attitude is shared by many other Russians who came of age during the twilight of the Soviet Union. These people are running the country now, and they are not afraid to express nostalgia for the lost glories of the Soviet era. But the kids who came of age after 1991, are less impressed with the Soviet era, and not automatically ant-American. But for another generation, a Cold War mentality will live on among the Russian ruling class.

A recent survey found that 68 percent of Russians believed the breakup of the Soviet Union was a mistake, and 51 percent would vote to restore the Soviet Union. Similar surveys found that in some former parts of the Soviet Union, lots of people were in favor of re-joining the Soviet Union (45 percent in Ukraine, 36 percent in Belarus.) - Strategy Page

Monstrous atrocities abounded during the Soviet Union's brief but bloody tenure in our world:

Artificial Famine (Genocide) in Ukraine - 1932 -1933
(artificial famine of 1932-33, which caused upwards of 7 million deaths in Ukraine)

Stalin's Intervention to ensure Hitler's Election in Germany:
During the critical 1932 German elections, he forbid the German Communists from collaborating with the Social Democrats. These parties together gained more votes than Hitler and could have prevented him from becoming Chancellor. - Wikipedia
Partially Responsible for World War II
According to the Historian Richard Pipes, the Communist states share some responsibility for World War II. Both Hitler and Mussolini used the Soviet Union as a model for their own totalitarian states and Hitler privately expressed that Stalin was a "genius". In turn, Stalin expressed desire for another great war that would leave his enemies weakened and allow Soviet expansion. He allowed the testing and production of German weapons that were forbidden by the Versailles Treaty to occur on Soviet territory. - Wikipedia
Brutal occupation of Germany and other territories:
Once a year, aging Red Army veterans who fought in the battle for Berlin gather in that city’s suburb of Treptower Park, where some 5,000 of their comrades are buried. But as Jason Cowley of the Guardian reported, one local refers to it as “the site of the unknown rapist.” No doubt there are others who share this sentiment: During that first year of Soviet occupation in 1945, more than 100,000 women in Berlin were raped. Combined with the German women caught in Pomerania, Silesia, and East Prussia during the mass exodus, the number of rape victims soars to roughly 2 million. Many of them subsequently committed suicide. - a Contest of Brutality
While the neo-apparatchiks and nomenklatura of the current Russian government mourn the loss of the evil empire, those of us old enough to remember its mass murders and promotion of conflict throughout the world consider its consignment to the ash bin of history a small payment on the vast crimes committed in its name.

This is the real world result of socialism and communism. The next time you hear someone advocating either of them remember the millions of murders caused to date by just one communist regime.

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