Thursday, April 12, 2007

Death Of A Thousand Cuts

The good Commander has a flash news update regarding the Little Crappy Ship Littoral Combat Ship program; the third ship under construction has been canceled due!

This is a victory for the American people in that our tax dollars are not going to be wasted on a ship that costs $500 million without combat modules to provide capability beyond basic maneuvering.

That is right the Navy's power point commandos in the Pentagon had come up with a half billion dollar corvette sized ship that could not fight.

It will be interesting to see what design is implemented to make up for combatant capability lost as the Spruance class ships are being sank in training exercises and the Perry class ships are rapidly being withdrawn from service as well.

For all those large ship fans out there, those that love their battleships and carriers, there needs to be a full fleet with rounded capabilities to project power and protect the Sea Lanes of Communication. Escort vessels such as frigates and destroyers make up this crucial, large numeric portion of the fleet. This is also where the next Halseys, Fletchers, Spruances, Spragues and Deweys will get their experience in leadership positions.

This is an important first step in rebuilding our navy and maintaining our supremacy on the high seas.

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