Saturday, April 28, 2007

Days Like This...

Make me very happy I use a phosphate remover in my pool.

There is a dust storm blowing through. After such storms I used to be one of the people who stood in line at the pool store to buy shock and algaecide to turn my pool back to its sparkling beauty from the resultant public toilet appearance it would have after such a storm.

The phosphate remover alleviates all this trouble by removing one of the nutrients needed by the algae itself.

Spending $200 on Phosphate remover a year saves me over $400 in shock, algaecide and The Almighty knows what other chemicals.

The "initfo", aka what is in it for me, is more hours of pool enjoyment on demand without having to work on the pool to prep it over the 72 hours before a weekend.

To put it simply phosphate removers like Phos Free put spontaneity into my life, remove complaints from family members and save me money.

Win. Win. Win.

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