Sunday, March 18, 2007

Storm Brewing On The Left's Horizon

The recent court decision eliminating the D.C. Gun Ban which had stood for 31 years marks the beginning of a libertarian storm.

While some Democratic Party voters may style themselves as pro 2nd Amendment "progressives" the overwhelming majoirty are of the left's constituency are the protest-western-cultural-heritage-in-the-name-of St. Marx-and-St. Lenin crowd. These are the same useful idiots that hailed the Communist Party USA or march with ANSWER or simply those that hear calls for "social justice" and the end of "economic oppresion" without taking into context the results of previous attempts to implement their ideals. The very same clowns that were financed by the USSR during the Cold War protesting anything used by the west to defend itself.

This is the crowd that will drive the Democratic party hard to the left. With the repeated calls for ending any Western resistance to tyranny the hard left even extends their call to cease resistance to American cities in the form of Gun Control.

What prevents a tyrant and their supporters from implementing "social justice" programs and purging their enemies? The 2nd Amendment of the United States of America's Constitution.

Recently affirmation has come from a U.S. District Court that upholds the 2nd Amendment as an individual right rather than a collective right held by the state. While anyone who has read the 2nd Amendment and can diagram a sentence can tell you this, the hard left in the U.S.A. has been working diligently for seventy years to eliminate that right. To erase it from memory. To pretend it away and convince the gullible that it was really all about the National Guard which didn't exist until the twentieth century.

This is one of the reasons why I believe those in the center and right wing of U.S. politics have received a shot in the arm from this ruling. The pro 2nd Amendment progressive element will not stand idly by as the hard left, currently the driving force in Democratic politics, moves to disarm them, the better to force down the throats of America their pogroms...err programs. And I believe move they shall, the Democrats are already rushing to put into a place another "Assault Weapon" Ban. This after even President Clinton acknowledged that the original Assault Weapon Ban was no more than a feel good measure. Much as the supporters of the Assault Weapon Ban of 1994 were defeated in a bloodbath in the next election cycle, I feel renewed attempts at gun control, especially in an era we live in where we have seen terror attacks on our own soil and the horrors of atrocities like Beslan, will have the same results.

The resurgence of "Reagan Democrats" is what I believe will be the result.

Hopefully an inspiring libertarian style leader will emerge to capitalize upon this trend.

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