Monday, March 19, 2007

Results Of People's Revolution

Not content to wreck the economy and starve his own people, Mad Bob Mugabe, Marxist dictator for life in Zimbabwe, has taken to stealing the corpses of democracy activists killed by his state security apparatus.

Here is what the people of Zimbabwe bought themselves with their Communist backed "People's Revolution".

Rate of Inflation: 1,740%.
Unemployment: 80%.
HIV infection rate: 33%.
Life expectancy: 34.
Motto: "Unity, Freedom, Work."
National anthem: Kalibusiswe Ilizwe leZimbabwe “Blessed be the land of Zimbabwe”
Yes, the previous regime in Zimbabwe, a British colonial hold over with sufferage based upon race (e.g. white colonial descendants can vote and Africans cannot) was a despicable system. It had to go. The world was right not back the white only government in Zimbabwe (formerly known as Rhodesia) in its fight against Chinese and Soviet sponsored communist guerrilas.

Unfortunately the Marxist regime voted in during elections in 1980 led by Robert Mugabe who still holds power today, did what communist regimes do best; kill their own people.

Here's to hoping that the peaceful Movement for Democratic Change, the opposition in Zimbabwe, are successful soon in deposing Mugabe and save as many of the people from a slow death of starvation in their gulag state.

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