Saturday, March 17, 2007

MiZZouRah for Cubanos!

My alma mater is hosting a festival celebrating the cultural heritage of the freedom loving Americans of Cuban extraction.

I want all my home state folk to enjoy this festival and celebrate this freedom loving people's joi de vivre.

My only other wish is they come to know of the struggle of those left behind in the communist dictatorship of Cuba and their struggle under the lash of totalitarianism.

Cuba Libre and Go MiZZouRah!

For more on the struggle of the Cuban people in their island gulag see Val Prieto's excellent site Babalu Blog.


Mizzoubanazo said...

Hey Ron,

Just in case you don't go back and read the message I left you at Babalu's comments, I'm Nick, and I'm the founder and President of MU's CAUSA.

Thanks for helping get the word out about our event. If you'd like, e-mail us at and I'll keep ou posted on our projects here in CoMO.

Also, if you're ever in town, feel more than free to get in touch with me (you can e-mail me at that address or find me in the directory). Not too many other ways to get hooked up with a cup of Cuban coffee in this town haha.

Thanks again!
Nicolas A. Jimenez

roninaz said...


Thanks for the invite!

Should I ever leave the desert and stop by UMC I will do my best to say hello.

I must say its a relief to see UMC showing up in the news for a good reason for a change.