Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hippie's Perceptive Power

All of the protesting of the bugaboos of the left in the last six years has reminded me of an incident from my youth.

I was once one of the few conservative voices on a University campus.

During my freshman year in philosophy class during its post discussion wind down several students proclaimed proudly their intent to go protest a nuclear reactor being built about seventy miles away. They spoke of their commitment to stopping this imminent disaster to the ecology and how they hated capitalist society.

After sickening of the stupidity I mentioned if they were serious about protesting a nuclear reactor they could do so within walking distance from the classroom. Stunned faces turned my way and I explained the location.

Next of course came the conspiracy theories and how the military industrial complex should not hide from academia the projects used to slate their blood lust.

I calmly crushed their ranting with this, "It's not hidden from you. The area it's in is called Reactor Field for a reason."

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