Sunday, March 04, 2007

Follies Of The Sea

Brickmuppet has an outstanding post on the lack of shipbuilding and patrol resources faced by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard's patrol boats are getting long in the tooth and are desperately in need of a replacement.

The immediate problems go back to the '80s. The Coast Guard had large numbers of 82' and 95' patrol boats. All were slow but useful. The 95 foot boats had been designed in WW2 and produced over several years in different batches, their hulls were quite worn out, the 82'Point class had been built in the '60s they were cramped but useful vessels though a large number had been given to Viet Nam to assist that nation in its attempt to stave off the evil that ultimately consumed it.

As a stop-gap, the Island class patrol boats were ordered in small numbers in fits and starts in the early to mid 80's. Congress was unwilling to fund the CG and they were collateral items in drug war legislation with some actually being bought for the CG by the Navy!

His excellent article provides the history and shortsightedness of our government in funding the appropriate ship building.

Read The Whole Thing.

Hat tip to Eaglespeak.

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