Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Flip Side Of CheTard Mania

No self respecting commie leftist wannabe would be the same without their CheTard t-shirt.

This and the flip side of the same coin is examined by the Cuban-American Pundits.

mr. guevara's image on the shirts of ignorant college students world round has little to do with the historical events of mr. guevara's life, and is more the recreation of an icon representing the idealized "revolutionary struggle" against corruption in power. Scarface's image, on most inner-city youth, is an image of this corruption in search of power. If mr. guevara is the fictional image of struggle, then Scarface's Tony Montana has become the fictional image of guevara's opponent.

Image perpetuates myth and myth distorts the truth. As every hero needs a villian, this heroic image of mr. guevara (as understood here in the US) has one in the villianous image Scarface. And though I am sure that there are many who would side with Scarface simply to spit on the image of mr. guevara, I have to warn that this would be a grave error. Tony Montana's self-destructive character is in the end this negative, and erroneous, image of the Cuban exile community, to promote his image would subsequently justify the erroneously positive image of mr. guevera.
Emphasis added.

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