Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ol' Dirty: A Texas Legend

I like rifles with gas pistons. I have not drank of the Direct Gas Impingement Kool Aid.

The FN FAL, AK-47 and AK-74, SKS, are all noted for reliability in extreme conditions and with varying levels of abuse and neglect.

Here is a graphic display of why:

This FAL referred to as Old Dirty has had over 10,000 rounds through it without cleaning and still functions reliably.

Here is a pic of the closest thing Old Dirty has had to a cleaning:

It is not that I have any deep seated dislike for the AR series of rifles, rather I am enamored of the reliability of those weapons which use a piston in their gas system.

While HK is not selling their 416 gas piston upper for the AR series to us benighted civilians there are companies which make them and sell them to you and me notably DSA, renowned manufacturer of FAL rifles in the United States of America.

This combination of reliability and inexpensive parts and ammunition just might be the ticket to get me to purchase an AR series lower to mate to it.


Cowboy Blob has pointed an oversight on my part; that the GTC Upper I posted about is made by Phoenix based POF-USA .

The Gas Piston Uppers at POF-USA's sight are more expensive ($130) than the DSA with the Predator rail system so I would return to DSA was I to purchase one.

Here is an overview of the POF-USA and DSA partnership from Defense Reveiw


Cowboy Blob said...

Dude, why you pimpin' DSA when the graphic you're using is from POF-USA, a Phoenix-based company? I just got my POF gas-piston upper married up to a home-assembled DPMS lower receiver. Stay tuned for range reports.

roninaz said...

Why am I pimping DSA GTC with the pic from DSA's website?

Because that is where I came across it while looking up FAL parts.

If you are saying that POF-USA makes it and DSA is selling it as well, I can live with that.