Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Grist For The Anti-2nd Amendment Mill

A woman shot at a vehicle which had been "tailgating her" in the lovely city of Detroit.

In and of itself this is an incredibly stupid act; discharging a weapon in a crowded area (it was rush hour) at a vehicle over a minor annoyance (tailgating).

It is the Zumbo's of the world and this type of individual that creates difficulty for the supporters of the 2nd Amendment.

The worst of it all is that she was a concealed carry permit holder according to the article.

While statistically concealed carry permit holders are far less likely to commit crimes than the general populace, this sort of one off event will be used as a proof of media and leftist protestations of blood in the streets with liberalized shall issue concealed carry policies.

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Ethan said...

Sheesh. I really wish these people would stop giving the responsible gun carrying American a bad name. I hate to hear about this kind of stuff.