Monday, February 19, 2007

Kathryn Johnston Update

Remember the eighty-eight year old woman killed by police in a no knock drug raid? While the case has faded from national memory there has been progress on determining what actually happened.

Radley Balko has an update:

Nearly three months later, Atlanta is showing some encouraging signs. Last week, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard announced a series of tough charges against the officers who conducted the raid on Johnston's home, including felony murder. And in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution, city Police Chief Richard Pennington and Christopher Stone, a criminal justice professor at Harvard, call for the city to set up a civil rights commission with subpoena power to look into police excesses.

Felony murder charges are the appropriate answer. Let's see whether the District Attorney and the judges stick to the murder charges or if it will be plead down to something inconsequential as we see in all too many cases where the police violate the public trust leading to the deaths of the innocent.

Hat tip to Instapundit.

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