Thursday, February 15, 2007

Infrequent Range Day

I spend too little time at the range. This is largely due to my rarely taking time off of work despite having five weeks of time off available. Add to that maximizing time with my heterosexual life partner on the weekend and its hard to get away.

Today I caught up on some of that time and like many folks will I overindulged.

I put 250 rounds of 9x19mm downrange from my CZ-75b.

Results were good groups from crappy ammo. Unlike nearly any other ammo, the el cheapo Olympic 9x19mm hardball made in Greece gave me a FTE about five percent of the time. No other ammo I have used including handloads from the gunshow has presented this problem in the past with that weapon.

I sighted in my FN FAL, an Imbel receiver built up with an R1 kit, with a scope my heterosexual life partner gave me. I put 130 rounds of 7.62x51mm downrange. Grouping was tight (for me) at 1.5" at 100 yards.

I did have three stovepipes, nothing that could not be resolved by Tap-Rack-Bang, which I attribute to my new scope mount. I will need to purchase one with a wider ejection port it would seem.

Needless to say by this point my shoulder was getting a bit on the tired side.

But I decided to press on and not wuss out. Subsequently emerged the Mosin Nagant m44 in 7.62x54R.

Great Googly Moogly. I had forgotten what a punisher the old Mosin could be. I decided after 11 rounds that honor was satisfied and put it away. While the Mosin Nagant was made in Russia it kicks like a Mizzourah Mule.

Next stop was the archery range. I must say when you have not used a bow in literally more than twenty years your first time back is a bit humbling. Luckily the young lady who was practicing her target archery was kind and did not laugh at me, at least not while I was present anyway. Granted being out of practice and relearning with a 50#@28" pull recurve Bear Grizzly, might not be the easiest way, but hey, who doesn't like a challenge?

Without a large amount of practice at 30 and 50 yards the only way I will be harvesting an animal during deer or elk season is if it had a weak heart and succumbed to a coronary from laughing too hard.

Between forty draws and looses and 140 plus full power rifle rounds downrange the old shoulder is feeling a bit tender.

Luckily I have a method for handling this dull ache; I am self medicating with aid of Big Sky IPA. A pleasingly hoppy IPA that has a vibrant citrus flavor that is "brighter" than my usual Stone IPA. A worthy beer from a brewery I have heard pleasant things from before.

Frankly with my spirit replenished by solid IPA, the smell of cordite still on my person and the memory of a warm from use FAL in my hands fresh to mind, I keep wondering what nation needs to be liberated from yolk of oppression. Luckily for despots the world over I am feeling tired and wise enough in my advancing years not to act on the spur of the moment.

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AlanDP said...

When I first got my M44, I did one session of about 40 rounds, alternating it with a replica .50 Hawken. I felt like someone had beaten me with a bat.

The M44 kept setting off someone's car alarm out in the parking lot, so it was a lot of fun.

Since then I just shoot it a little for fun, 10-15 rounds at a time, and I still come home bruised.