Wednesday, February 21, 2007

FAA Backs Away From Collective View of 2nd Amendment

David Cordea's The War On Guns has posted regarding the FAA's backing away from its collectivist interpretation of the 2nd Amendment:
The FAA's new requirements for commercial human space flight include a rule on security mandating that operators ``implement security requirements to prevent any space flight participant from jeopardizing the safety of the flight crew or the public'' and prohibiting a space flight participant from carrying on board ``any explosives, firearms, knives or other weapons.'' 14 CFR 460.53. In explaining this rule in response to a comment, the FAA characterized the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment of the Constitution as ``a collective right.'' 71 FR at 75626. The FAA now withdraws that characterization of the right to bear arms. The prohibition on the carriage of firearms by participants in commercial space flights remains unchanged.

This was only a matter of time in my opinion as the FAA was brought to heel by public sentiment and aligning itself properly with the Bush Administration's proper interpretation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution as an individual right.

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