Sunday, February 25, 2007

Darwin's Queue

I have seen a great deal of empirical evidence to support Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest.

People often do incredibly foolish things where you can see no rational thought or planning was involved. If there was planning they missed out on at least one of Sir Isaac Newton's Laws; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

That these individuals are not removed from the gene pool at the point of there initial foray into eliminating themselves, however inadvertently, from the gene pool leads me to believe there must be a queue for Darwinism.

Perhaps it's like the Grim Reaper, having a list and performing their task rather like Dead Like Me, there is a back log of work that has not been caught up to yet. This would leave a lot of assclowns running around performing incredibly stupid tasks blithely unaware or uncaring of the potential repercussions.

Whether they are criminals, fools or the neglectful, eventually their actions will catch up to them and the life threatening behavior they have been exhibiting will be rewarded by their turn to embody the principles of survival of the fittest. This is what I call Darwin's Queue.

This dovetails nicely with my experience this evening. While out for a walk to enjoy the night air and burn off some of the calories from my lunch of Indian food, I was assaulted. A pair of jackholes in Darwin's Queue threw a full can of Coca Cola at me while driving by. Their aim was good but not great, striking me in the thigh. The result for me was an, "Ow, shit!" and I looked for a rock that must have been kicked up by the passing white approximately six to ten year old GM model pickup truck that had sport tires rather than the normal work truck fare. Then I looked back and noted that it was a full can of Coca Cola that had struck me. At this point I exclaimed my displeasure at them by describing what they probably did to each other in the confines of the Chevy's cab. Other than my description of their frequent activity will be as they desire to find someone to protect them when they finally wind up in prison, I took no action.

What they did not know is they are lucky for now. Soon they will be peforming the same stupid acts and will eventually come across someone without my restraint and knowledge of the law in Arizona and it will be their turn to be serviced in Darwin's Queue.

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