Saturday, February 24, 2007

Arrow Eating Bush Foiled

I was out at Ben Avery for some archery and EBG practice today.

I started with archery this time. Using my bubbafied Bear Grizzly recurve I performed better today than my previous effort. Practice, practice, practice is indeed the formula for improvement in performance.

Only one item marred my enjoyment; missing arrows.

I had two arrows go missing as I overshot the target, compensating for gusty winds only to have th gust end as I loosed or shortly thereafter.

I searched several times and did not locate the missing arrows.

Prior to leaving, right before my final round of shots, I walked past a particularly sprawling bush only to find my missing two arrows almost in line beneath it, as if the plant planned on fertilizing itself with my carbon arrows. I pulled the arrows from it, after verifying it was not the home for a rattler, with some effort, as if the bush was loathe to give up its catch.

Should this happen again I might bring some Round Up for the evil arrow eating flora in question.

A new bow is certainly a must have. It would be nice to have one where I do not have to put the string into the proper groove after each loose. I am thinking of Martin's X-200 although I find the 48" Bear SuperMag 48 of interest due to its compact size.

On to the boomstickery.

You know its going to be a good range day when your first shot with your defensive pistol is in the x-ring at 15 yards. A good day for pistol shooting at 15 yards and benchrest EBG, in my case the FN FAL practice at 100 and 200 yards.

I will say I need a scope with more forgiving eye relief. My current scope, while a price value, does not perform as well as I would like.

On a personal performance note I see that my offhand shooting needs lots of practice. Perhaps it was the 50 or so shafts I put down range from the bow that impacted my steadiness of arm. Irregardless much practice is called for in that area.

A side note; technology is a wonder and boon to the shooting sports. While on the range a young man with his M-4gery inquired what I was shooting and I informed him its your basic 7.62x51mm Battle Rifle, the FN FAL. After this opening of conversation he inquired how to sight in his new M-4gery. Using the web features of my cell phone I was able to Google up the answer and showed it to him. I reckon that counts as my good deed of the day.

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Cowboy Blob said...

I gotta get a range soon, probably Tucson's public range during the week, and the Ben Avery public range next weekend if I can talk my buddy into it.