Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why Own Firearms?

The Southpark Pundit has his own personal story on why he owns firearms up.

This is an exemplary tale which I felt should be shared.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Swallow Coffee Before Reading

What Would John Wayne Do has a post gleaned from The Smallest Minority on one man's attempt to rope a deer.

PSA: Swallow your coffee before reading.

More Grist For The Anti-2nd Amendment Mill

A woman shot at a vehicle which had been "tailgating her" in the lovely city of Detroit.

In and of itself this is an incredibly stupid act; discharging a weapon in a crowded area (it was rush hour) at a vehicle over a minor annoyance (tailgating).

It is the Zumbo's of the world and this type of individual that creates difficulty for the supporters of the 2nd Amendment.

The worst of it all is that she was a concealed carry permit holder according to the article.

While statistically concealed carry permit holders are far less likely to commit crimes than the general populace, this sort of one off event will be used as a proof of media and leftist protestations of blood in the streets with liberalized shall issue concealed carry policies.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

What is a clip?

Conservative Scalawag has a nicely done post noting the the differences between a magazine, clip and en bloc clip.

Hopefully journalists in the MSM will get it right for once after reading it.

Darwin's Queue

I have seen a great deal of empirical evidence to support Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest.

People often do incredibly foolish things where you can see no rational thought or planning was involved. If there was planning they missed out on at least one of Sir Isaac Newton's Laws; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

That these individuals are not removed from the gene pool at the point of there initial foray into eliminating themselves, however inadvertently, from the gene pool leads me to believe there must be a queue for Darwinism.

Perhaps it's like the Grim Reaper, having a list and performing their task rather like Dead Like Me, there is a back log of work that has not been caught up to yet. This would leave a lot of assclowns running around performing incredibly stupid tasks blithely unaware or uncaring of the potential repercussions.

Whether they are criminals, fools or the neglectful, eventually their actions will catch up to them and the life threatening behavior they have been exhibiting will be rewarded by their turn to embody the principles of survival of the fittest. This is what I call Darwin's Queue.

This dovetails nicely with my experience this evening. While out for a walk to enjoy the night air and burn off some of the calories from my lunch of Indian food, I was assaulted. A pair of jackholes in Darwin's Queue threw a full can of Coca Cola at me while driving by. Their aim was good but not great, striking me in the thigh. The result for me was an, "Ow, shit!" and I looked for a rock that must have been kicked up by the passing white approximately six to ten year old GM model pickup truck that had sport tires rather than the normal work truck fare. Then I looked back and noted that it was a full can of Coca Cola that had struck me. At this point I exclaimed my displeasure at them by describing what they probably did to each other in the confines of the Chevy's cab. Other than my description of their frequent activity will be as they desire to find someone to protect them when they finally wind up in prison, I took no action.

What they did not know is they are lucky for now. Soon they will be peforming the same stupid acts and will eventually come across someone without my restraint and knowledge of the law in Arizona and it will be their turn to be serviced in Darwin's Queue.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Arrow Eating Bush Foiled

I was out at Ben Avery for some archery and EBG practice today.

I started with archery this time. Using my bubbafied Bear Grizzly recurve I performed better today than my previous effort. Practice, practice, practice is indeed the formula for improvement in performance.

Only one item marred my enjoyment; missing arrows.

I had two arrows go missing as I overshot the target, compensating for gusty winds only to have th gust end as I loosed or shortly thereafter.

I searched several times and did not locate the missing arrows.

Prior to leaving, right before my final round of shots, I walked past a particularly sprawling bush only to find my missing two arrows almost in line beneath it, as if the plant planned on fertilizing itself with my carbon arrows. I pulled the arrows from it, after verifying it was not the home for a rattler, with some effort, as if the bush was loathe to give up its catch.

Should this happen again I might bring some Round Up for the evil arrow eating flora in question.

A new bow is certainly a must have. It would be nice to have one where I do not have to put the string into the proper groove after each loose. I am thinking of Martin's X-200 although I find the 48" Bear SuperMag 48 of interest due to its compact size.

On to the boomstickery.

You know its going to be a good range day when your first shot with your defensive pistol is in the x-ring at 15 yards. A good day for pistol shooting at 15 yards and benchrest EBG, in my case the FN FAL practice at 100 and 200 yards.

I will say I need a scope with more forgiving eye relief. My current scope, while a price value, does not perform as well as I would like.

On a personal performance note I see that my offhand shooting needs lots of practice. Perhaps it was the 50 or so shafts I put down range from the bow that impacted my steadiness of arm. Irregardless much practice is called for in that area.

A side note; technology is a wonder and boon to the shooting sports. While on the range a young man with his M-4gery inquired what I was shooting and I informed him its your basic 7.62x51mm Battle Rifle, the FN FAL. After this opening of conversation he inquired how to sight in his new M-4gery. Using the web features of my cell phone I was able to Google up the answer and showed it to him. I reckon that counts as my good deed of the day.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chimps Smarter Than Vegans

It never ceases to amaze me how simple affirmations of our existence as carnivores are ignored by Vegans.

Chimpanzees our closest primate cousins are known to hunt other primates with spears for meat.

Paradoxically the younger male chimpanzees and females are more likely to be hunting than the older males. Quite the opposite of most Vegans who from what I have seen are young and have not grown out of their idealism.

Perhaps they will take the lesson from this and enjoy some savory red meat, but with the state of our public schools and their inability to teach critical thinking skills, I doubt they will be able to.

Mess With The Bull

and you get the horns.

A retired U.S. serviceman on a shore excursion with fellow vacationers from their cruise, defended himself and his fellows from a robbery at gunpoint.

He placed his attacker in a headlock breaking his clavicle.

While they drove the assailant to the Red Cross for treatment the thug died of his wounds.

Bravo Zulu to the retired serviceman who stood up against these thugs (there were three, one armed with a firearm and one with a knife).

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ol' Dirty: A Texas Legend

I like rifles with gas pistons. I have not drank of the Direct Gas Impingement Kool Aid.

The FN FAL, AK-47 and AK-74, SKS, are all noted for reliability in extreme conditions and with varying levels of abuse and neglect.

Here is a graphic display of why:

This FAL referred to as Old Dirty has had over 10,000 rounds through it without cleaning and still functions reliably.

Here is a pic of the closest thing Old Dirty has had to a cleaning:

It is not that I have any deep seated dislike for the AR series of rifles, rather I am enamored of the reliability of those weapons which use a piston in their gas system.

While HK is not selling their 416 gas piston upper for the AR series to us benighted civilians there are companies which make them and sell them to you and me notably DSA, renowned manufacturer of FAL rifles in the United States of America.

This combination of reliability and inexpensive parts and ammunition just might be the ticket to get me to purchase an AR series lower to mate to it.


Cowboy Blob has pointed an oversight on my part; that the GTC Upper I posted about is made by Phoenix based POF-USA .

The Gas Piston Uppers at POF-USA's sight are more expensive ($130) than the DSA with the Predator rail system so I would return to DSA was I to purchase one.

Here is an overview of the POF-USA and DSA partnership from Defense Reveiw

FAA Backs Away From Collective View of 2nd Amendment

David Cordea's The War On Guns has posted regarding the FAA's backing away from its collectivist interpretation of the 2nd Amendment:
The FAA's new requirements for commercial human space flight include a rule on security mandating that operators ``implement security requirements to prevent any space flight participant from jeopardizing the safety of the flight crew or the public'' and prohibiting a space flight participant from carrying on board ``any explosives, firearms, knives or other weapons.'' 14 CFR 460.53. In explaining this rule in response to a comment, the FAA characterized the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment of the Constitution as ``a collective right.'' 71 FR at 75626. The FAA now withdraws that characterization of the right to bear arms. The prohibition on the carriage of firearms by participants in commercial space flights remains unchanged.

This was only a matter of time in my opinion as the FAA was brought to heel by public sentiment and aligning itself properly with the Bush Administration's proper interpretation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution as an individual right.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Kathryn Johnston Update

Remember the eighty-eight year old woman killed by police in a no knock drug raid? While the case has faded from national memory there has been progress on determining what actually happened.

Radley Balko has an update:

Nearly three months later, Atlanta is showing some encouraging signs. Last week, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard announced a series of tough charges against the officers who conducted the raid on Johnston's home, including felony murder. And in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution, city Police Chief Richard Pennington and Christopher Stone, a criminal justice professor at Harvard, call for the city to set up a civil rights commission with subpoena power to look into police excesses.

Felony murder charges are the appropriate answer. Let's see whether the District Attorney and the judges stick to the murder charges or if it will be plead down to something inconsequential as we see in all too many cases where the police violate the public trust leading to the deaths of the innocent.

Hat tip to Instapundit.

Friday, February 16, 2007


I was victimized by a gun shop today.

They took advantage of my weakness.

Oh, the inhumanity!

They had a DSA metric receiver for $429.

I saw it and said, "You evil bastards".

The response was, "shall we wrap it up?".

They took advantage of my weakness as I have two unbuilt metric FAL kits at home along with a full set of U.S. compliance parts.

Another Right Arm of the Free Word to be reborn.

I am thinking 16" carbine this time.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Infrequent Range Day

I spend too little time at the range. This is largely due to my rarely taking time off of work despite having five weeks of time off available. Add to that maximizing time with my heterosexual life partner on the weekend and its hard to get away.

Today I caught up on some of that time and like many folks will I overindulged.

I put 250 rounds of 9x19mm downrange from my CZ-75b.

Results were good groups from crappy ammo. Unlike nearly any other ammo, the el cheapo Olympic 9x19mm hardball made in Greece gave me a FTE about five percent of the time. No other ammo I have used including handloads from the gunshow has presented this problem in the past with that weapon.

I sighted in my FN FAL, an Imbel receiver built up with an R1 kit, with a scope my heterosexual life partner gave me. I put 130 rounds of 7.62x51mm downrange. Grouping was tight (for me) at 1.5" at 100 yards.

I did have three stovepipes, nothing that could not be resolved by Tap-Rack-Bang, which I attribute to my new scope mount. I will need to purchase one with a wider ejection port it would seem.

Needless to say by this point my shoulder was getting a bit on the tired side.

But I decided to press on and not wuss out. Subsequently emerged the Mosin Nagant m44 in 7.62x54R.

Great Googly Moogly. I had forgotten what a punisher the old Mosin could be. I decided after 11 rounds that honor was satisfied and put it away. While the Mosin Nagant was made in Russia it kicks like a Mizzourah Mule.

Next stop was the archery range. I must say when you have not used a bow in literally more than twenty years your first time back is a bit humbling. Luckily the young lady who was practicing her target archery was kind and did not laugh at me, at least not while I was present anyway. Granted being out of practice and relearning with a 50#@28" pull recurve Bear Grizzly, might not be the easiest way, but hey, who doesn't like a challenge?

Without a large amount of practice at 30 and 50 yards the only way I will be harvesting an animal during deer or elk season is if it had a weak heart and succumbed to a coronary from laughing too hard.

Between forty draws and looses and 140 plus full power rifle rounds downrange the old shoulder is feeling a bit tender.

Luckily I have a method for handling this dull ache; I am self medicating with aid of Big Sky IPA. A pleasingly hoppy IPA that has a vibrant citrus flavor that is "brighter" than my usual Stone IPA. A worthy beer from a brewery I have heard pleasant things from before.

Frankly with my spirit replenished by solid IPA, the smell of cordite still on my person and the memory of a warm from use FAL in my hands fresh to mind, I keep wondering what nation needs to be liberated from yolk of oppression. Luckily for despots the world over I am feeling tired and wise enough in my advancing years not to act on the spur of the moment.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Stem Cell Research Requiring Support

Japanese scientists have pioneered an incredible breakthrough in stem cell research everyone can appreciate; the use of a woman's own stem cells to create breast implants.

Apparently the generation that grew up in Japan watching their Anime characters with their often preposterous physiques have decided to do something about their disappontment with the real world.

This is a giant leap forward for mankind as a healthier, natural alternative can be created to current silicon and saline breast implants.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Naval Crisis On The Horizon

During the Reagan years the Navy, the force which allows us bring the fight to our enemies fighting on their territory rather than ours, had a 400 ship Navy. This was when we were faced with a dire threat from the Soviet Union and its force of submarines which could strangle the SLOC's (Sea Lines of Communication), a capability that the PRC is now trying to emulate. The use of Sea Power to keep the SLOC's open is paramount to the economic well being and continued liberty of our citizens and that of the rest of the world.

Leadership and elucidation on this issue can be found at Cdr Salamander and Eaglespeak.

Currently our Navy is shrinking, already we are retiring the first Ticonderoga class ships, the first to carry AEGIS combat systems, the state of the art in dominating the battlespace at sea in all three dimensions, this will lead to our inability to project power during a crisis.

Imagine if you will that the United States of America is embroiled in a crisis and that our Navy has shrunk to under 300 combat vessels, we have two carrier battle groups deployed to assist in operations currently. While 300 ships sounds like alot recall that they cannot be at sea continuously. Ships need repair, crews will need to rest and maintain a semblance of quality of life (imagine the retention issues of increased deployment tempo as those professional sailors leave the service due to family pressures), crews will need to train up before deployment, etc. While we are busy with our current crisis and redeploying ships that just returned from deployment an antagonistic state decides to push a standing dispute with its neighbors, an easy example would be China and its partner Pakistan squaring off with India in their next conflict. With resources stretched to the max we would be unable to quietly influence the decision paths with the presence of a carrier battle group as the U.S. Navy would be over extended. This could lead to political posturing not being backed down by a show of committment with an ally leading to actual conflict.

This is what we look forward to as our Navy shrinks.

The current plan was to have the limited capabilties of the LCS (Littoral Combat Ship ) to allow us to rebuild the Navy keeping numbers up while allowing us to influence the brown water areas. The concept was fine; inexpensive ships with the use of technology to reduce manning and costs, flexibility brought by the use of mission modules (containers with sensors and equipment tailored to specific tasks) allowing the ship to optimized for its mission. This concept turned out to be a $500 million dollar a piece boondoggle and has had one half of the program stopped due to escalating cost. To put it into perspective the concept of mission modules is nothing new the MEKO class of frigates had this as a hallmark in the 1980s.

Compare the $500 million dollar LCS against that of the Saar V class of ships already made in the U.S.A.; for $260 million on a three ship run you get the ship fitted out not awaiting undeveloped mission package modules.

I will not go into much further detail than to point to another example of so call transformational thinking the "Zumwalt" class. A two ship run planned of extraordinarily high tech vessels that would cost six billion dollars. Should we eliminate the second and build one as a modern day Long Beach technology demonstrator we can use the remaining money to build 20 fitted out frigates with of greater capabilty to that of the Saar V. Indeed building a new, expendable calls of ships like the Knox class itself will allow the U.S. Navy to train up leaders ready for the next war at sea.

The United States Navy's leadership needs to look to better, faster cheaper rather than moving to bleeding edge technology. It is either make that decision now or trying to face three crises with the naval power to meet only one and a half of those and the dire consequences that would bring to the free world.

For more information read Alfred Thayer Mahan's The Influence of Sea Power Upon History

Agonizing Dilemma

Defensive use of firearms gets little publicity in the MainStream Media. For those that pay attention to incidents of this nature that are reported or hear the background involved there is a compelling reason to move to a larger caliber round from my current CZ-75 in 9x19mm.

This is why I face an agonizing dillema; whether to purchase a SigArms P220 or a Glock 21 in .45ACP.

I am not considering a 1911 style weapon due to the price required for reliability that I can find for less elsewhere.

There are P220's available in a barely used state for $550 but a new Glock 21 with two magazines is ony $500.

Either weapon would be an excellent additional to the defense of home and hearth.

I have always liked Sig products. Wonderful fit and finish, yet they are pricey devils.

Glock products have proven themselves incredibly reliable and robust with the added benefit of my not despairing over holster wear which would be very evident on the Sig products.

There is also the added benefit of having 13 rounds in each magazine compared to the seven or eight in the "plus one" magazines of the SigArms P220. While I do not foresee needing the additional six rounds when using .45ACP, indeed the legendary stopping power of this round is what it would be the reason behind the purchase, it would be comforting to have it there if the situation called for it.

This is not to say that I have been dissatisfied with the performance or value of the CZ products I have owned. Indeed I would have no qualms about purchasing an additional CZ-75 or CZ-85 should a good buy present itself.

I do not doubt that the CZ-97, the .45ACP upsized version of the CZ-75 family, would perform more than adequately in the home defense role.

CheTards and Irony

It's no secret I hold socialism and marxism in an especially low regard.

What amuses me is that I find the bearers of the murderous vermin Che Guevara's image doing their best to parody of the ideals espoused by him.


This week on my drive to work I was passed by a semi tractor trailer, a large Kenworth, with Che Guevara's image on the passenger door. That is correct, a tool of commerce valued at $50,000 or more, used to move commercial and consumer goods for profit by an independent owner operator (as noted by the lack of company logo) or small company, with Che Guevara's image on it.

While purchasing cigars I noted behind the counter a humidor with Che Guevara's image on it. This was not a utilitarian humidor but a humidor that was well made from wood with a lovely grain, a tribute to vanity and consumerism at its worst; an expensive object to hold disposable symbols of affluence, comfort and enjoyment; Cigars.

You might want to know how this great Hero of the People's Revolution was captured:

Barely two months later the "National Liberation Army" was wiped out. Che's capture merits some clarification. His hagiographers have romanticized his last day alive. Che was defiant, they claim. Che was surprised, caught off guard and was unable to properly defend himself or to shoot himself with his last bullet as was his plan.

Nothing in the actual record supports this fantasy. In fact everything points to Che surrendering quite enthusiastically, right after he ordered his men to fight to the last man and the last bullet.

Most did, but Che was captured with a full clip in his pistol. Even more suspiciously, though he was in the bottom of a ravine during the final firefight and could have escaped in the opposite direction like a few of his men, Che actually moved upwards and towards the Bolivian soldiers who had been firing. Yet he was doing no firing of his own in the process. Then as soon as he saw some soldiers he yelled, "Don't shoot! I'm Che!" [45]

Immediately after his capture his demeanor was even more interesting "What's your name, young man?" Che asked a soldier. �Why what a great name for a Bolivian soldier!" he blurted after hearing it.

The firefight was still raging after Che's surrender. His men, unlike their comandante, were indeed fighting to the last bullet. Soon a wounded Bolivian soldier was carried by.

"Shall I attend him?!" Che asked his captors.

"Why? Are you a doctor?" asked Bolivian army captain Gary Prado.

"No, (the truth at last!) but I have some knowledge of medicine," answered Guevara, resuming his pathetic attempt to ingratiate himself with his captors. [46]

Another interesting factoid is that Che was captured wearing his famous black beret, and it sported a bullet hole. Yet those on the Bolivian mission with him like Dariel Alarcon attest that Che never once wore that beret during the Bolivian campaign. Che had always worn a military cap, all pictures of him in Bolivia back this up. Some speculate that Che put on his famous black beret (and even shot a hole in it) to make a dramatic celebrity surrender and impress his captors. He probably expected a few snapshots in the process.

If those who brandished these images supporting the ideology which Che Guevara murdered for were not so ineffectual and on the fringe, they might be considered dangerous. As it is currently they are the soft minded who you look askance at but are not worth the time or effort to educate.