Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Virtues of Cold Steel

Apparently the days of charging your enemies with cold steel and a will far star stronger than the implement itself are not gone.

A man used a sword against burglars performing a home invasion.

The wielder of this brand cut off the fingertip of his assailant which was used to identify him.

He grabbed a sword from under the couch, and struck at one of the robbers' guns just as he was about to fire.

Tovar's swipe took off the gunman's right trigger finger, which was left behind when the robbers ran out.

Robbery Det. Michael Rosario and the Crime Scene Investigations unit gathered their bloody evidence off the floor.

The tip was inked and printed, and run through the AFIS (automatic fingerprint identification system), where it touched off a perfect match.

This is not the only recent use of a sword resist strong arm burglaries.

Apparently famed blade maker Angus Trim has a new line of "tactical" swords. Perhaps not a bad idea to have more available than a firearm, which depending on the Condition it was secreted in could not be brought into play as quickly.

Let me say now I do not advocate bringing a knife, even a really big one, to a gun fight.

I personally have admired Angus Trim's work for quite awhile.

This weapon strikes me as able to deliver both the cut and the thrust in a limited area:

Or for a more wide open venue:

Of course a gladius in one hand and a pistol in the other and I would feel better prepared to meet a threat, if for no other reason than my adversary would know the level of my determination to be the victor.

What the modern thuggees imagination would do with the concept of being laid open with edged steel more than a pistol shot does not hurt either.
For more information on the sword see the informative forum at Sword Forum International.

Hat Tip: Of Arms and the Law

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