Sunday, December 10, 2006

More Stupid Cop Tricks

Tomato 7 has another case where the police have raided the home of an unarmed citizen and subsequently killed them.

It is unknown if the Peyton Strickland case is another no knock warrant misadventure of negligence, misconduct or just plain thuggish stupidity on the part of the police.

I will say that this is part of a pattern of behavior of increasing violence and willingness to use force in what is one of safest decades to be an officer in our nation.

It might be safer to be a police officer but it appears to be increasingly dangerous to be an unarmed subject of a police warrant.

Update: The officer who shot Peyton Strickland has been charged with second degree murder.

From the parents of the deceased's statement:

Our son, Peyton, was killed by a SWAT team firing bullets through the front door of his home in Wilmington.

“On Friday, the deputy who shot our son was fired. Today, that deputy was indicted by the Grand Jury for murder.
Shooting through the front door while trying to arrest someone for a PS3 theft?

Before I make comments about justice being served I will wait out whatever legal maneuvering happens. I have seen similarly egregious violations of the law by officers go unpunished too often to think all is well after a mere bringing of charges. Let's see what the trial brings.

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The Conservative UAW Guy said...

This militarization of the police and all this no-knock crap has to stop.

Land of the free, as long as you comply with the nice, armed government agents...