Saturday, December 30, 2006

Men of the Stark Avenged

On May 17, 1987 the USS Stark (FFG-37), a Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate, was struck by two Exocet missiles fired from an Iraqi Mirage F1.

Thirty-seven crewmen were killed and another 21 wounded.

Today they were avenged as Saddam Hussein hanged.

Saddam Hussein's hanging was not for the killing of our 37 sailors but for many of atrocities he had committed against his own people.

Regardless there may be some small measure of closure for the family members and shipmates of those lost.

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Harold said...

I have written a book about the U.S. military in the Persian Gulf during the years 1987-1988. It includes all the events from Stark through Vincennes. I am billing it as the untold first chapter of continuing military involvement.