Saturday, December 09, 2006

Follies of the Sea

Not to be out done by the U.S. Navy's LCS boondoggle, the Coast Guard is having a pooch screw of their own with their Deepwater and Cutter refurbishment programs.

With the failure of the retrofitting program, eight of 49 boats in the service's workhorse fleet of Island-class patrol boats are out of action. Coast Guard leaders reported last year that only 25 percent of the aging cutters were fully "mission capable," because of maintenance problems and deployment of some boats to Iraq. In reports submitted to Congress, the Coast Guard projected that the fleet would be able to log about 80 percent of its targeted 98,200 operational hours a year.

Meanwhile, a Coast Guard plan to fill the gap by accelerating development of its next-generation cutter by 10 years has stalled because of technical problems.

It is generally not considered to be a success when nearly 1 in 5 of your Cutters is down for being unseaworthy.

No word on when the proverbial canines from both services, LCS and Deepwater, drop their litters.

Grateful Hat Tip to Cdr Salamander for the insight into the Little Crappy Ship program.

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