Saturday, December 30, 2006

Men of the Stark Avenged

On May 17, 1987 the USS Stark (FFG-37), a Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate, was struck by two Exocet missiles fired from an Iraqi Mirage F1.

Thirty-seven crewmen were killed and another 21 wounded.

Today they were avenged as Saddam Hussein hanged.

Saddam Hussein's hanging was not for the killing of our 37 sailors but for many of atrocities he had committed against his own people.

Regardless there may be some small measure of closure for the family members and shipmates of those lost.

Fighting Darwinism

Tam over at View From The Porch has an excellent post on the differences between childhoods now and twenty or thirty years ago.

When I was growing up, the best use for a bicycle helmet would have been to prevent head injuries when the neighborhood kids beat the crap out of you for wearing a bicycle helmet. It was a much more savage and lawless time on the playground in those days, and one wonders if our modern predilection for defeating Darwin won't have repercussions on the vitality of the race down the road. In these depressing times I've seen people want to go to emergency rooms for "injuries" that wouldn't have rated a Time Out from a pine cone war when I was a kid. I remember one neighborhood kid who stopped a BB during a territorial dispute back in the day...

She could not be more right.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone and their families.

I hope you will pardon my sloth, however I am going to link last years posts regarding the meaning of the season rather than recreate the wheel.

The Birth of Jesus Christ.

Handel's Messiah

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Better Update My Resume

Well it looks like the world's one despot short right now and I guess I could use a new challenge.

I figure it wouldn't hurt to speak to the folks in Turkemenistan and see what the President for Life job has to offer in compensation, benefits and perks.


Where in the hell is the global warming all Al Gore and the other fucktard eco-freaks have been promising?

Yesterday morning there was frost on my windshield!

While for most in the United States that is no big deal, however I live in a fricking desert.

You know summer temperatures of low hundred teens to low hundred and twenties. This is usually offset by a low of 60 degrees fahrenheit in the winter.

Not so this year.

This has the feel of an encroaching ice age.

Global Warming My Ass.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stupid Cop Tricks: No Knock Nonsense

Apparently two ATFE agents managed to get themselves shot while serving a questionable No Knock warrant.

This is another questionable No Knock warrant in Georgia in a very short period of time.

Its nice to know our public servants are as determined as ever to impregnate the neighbor's canine.

Publicola has the run down.

If Gender Supremacists Had Their Way

Rather than referring to the tired, worn out remnants of the 1960's counter culture movement of "feminists" I think they have moved on to being aspiring Gender Supremacists.

The popular culture trend of reviling or simply casually denigrating masculine images e.g. that of father in a family always being a bungling idiot, is evidence enough.

Of course, likely contrary to their understanding, men's egos aren't so fragile as to be impacted so

Well on to something simple and entertaining; this video at American Drumslinger. Be forewarned; American Drumslinger is NSFW. The video itself is PG but the rest of the site is NSFW.

By way of Countertop Chronicles.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jumpin' Jehosephat!

While perusing a forum I came across this video .

I definitely have to get back in school and acquire more skills. If for no other reason than I can get one of these.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Pinochet Good For Iraq?

Kim Du Toit makes a compelling argument that a strong leader like Augusto Pinochet is needed for Iraq.

A very interesting argument.

Read the whole thing.

Pinochet was a despot, although a comparatively enlightened despot, especially when compared to those in Cuba, Zimbabwe, the former Soviet Union, North Korea, China (any for the last sixty years), etc.

Two things that differentiated him from despots in the countries mentioned:
1) He stepped down voluntarily after a referendum
2) He left his nation with a functioning economy

Sunday, December 10, 2006

More Stupid Cop Tricks

Tomato 7 has another case where the police have raided the home of an unarmed citizen and subsequently killed them.

It is unknown if the Peyton Strickland case is another no knock warrant misadventure of negligence, misconduct or just plain thuggish stupidity on the part of the police.

I will say that this is part of a pattern of behavior of increasing violence and willingness to use force in what is one of safest decades to be an officer in our nation.

It might be safer to be a police officer but it appears to be increasingly dangerous to be an unarmed subject of a police warrant.

Update: The officer who shot Peyton Strickland has been charged with second degree murder.

From the parents of the deceased's statement:

Our son, Peyton, was killed by a SWAT team firing bullets through the front door of his home in Wilmington.

“On Friday, the deputy who shot our son was fired. Today, that deputy was indicted by the Grand Jury for murder.
Shooting through the front door while trying to arrest someone for a PS3 theft?

Before I make comments about justice being served I will wait out whatever legal maneuvering happens. I have seen similarly egregious violations of the law by officers go unpunished too often to think all is well after a mere bringing of charges. Let's see what the trial brings.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Follies of the Sea

Not to be out done by the U.S. Navy's LCS boondoggle, the Coast Guard is having a pooch screw of their own with their Deepwater and Cutter refurbishment programs.

With the failure of the retrofitting program, eight of 49 boats in the service's workhorse fleet of Island-class patrol boats are out of action. Coast Guard leaders reported last year that only 25 percent of the aging cutters were fully "mission capable," because of maintenance problems and deployment of some boats to Iraq. In reports submitted to Congress, the Coast Guard projected that the fleet would be able to log about 80 percent of its targeted 98,200 operational hours a year.

Meanwhile, a Coast Guard plan to fill the gap by accelerating development of its next-generation cutter by 10 years has stalled because of technical problems.

It is generally not considered to be a success when nearly 1 in 5 of your Cutters is down for being unseaworthy.

No word on when the proverbial canines from both services, LCS and Deepwater, drop their litters.

Grateful Hat Tip to Cdr Salamander for the insight into the Little Crappy Ship program.

I would be thankful if you would show your appreciation for my maritime themed posts by voting for Cdr Salamander's blog.

The Virtues of Cold Steel

Apparently the days of charging your enemies with cold steel and a will far star stronger than the implement itself are not gone.

A man used a sword against burglars performing a home invasion.

The wielder of this brand cut off the fingertip of his assailant which was used to identify him.

He grabbed a sword from under the couch, and struck at one of the robbers' guns just as he was about to fire.

Tovar's swipe took off the gunman's right trigger finger, which was left behind when the robbers ran out.

Robbery Det. Michael Rosario and the Crime Scene Investigations unit gathered their bloody evidence off the floor.

The tip was inked and printed, and run through the AFIS (automatic fingerprint identification system), where it touched off a perfect match.

This is not the only recent use of a sword resist strong arm burglaries.

Apparently famed blade maker Angus Trim has a new line of "tactical" swords. Perhaps not a bad idea to have more available than a firearm, which depending on the Condition it was secreted in could not be brought into play as quickly.

Let me say now I do not advocate bringing a knife, even a really big one, to a gun fight.

I personally have admired Angus Trim's work for quite awhile.

This weapon strikes me as able to deliver both the cut and the thrust in a limited area:

Or for a more wide open venue:

Of course a gladius in one hand and a pistol in the other and I would feel better prepared to meet a threat, if for no other reason than my adversary would know the level of my determination to be the victor.

What the modern thuggees imagination would do with the concept of being laid open with edged steel more than a pistol shot does not hurt either.
For more information on the sword see the informative forum at Sword Forum International.

Hat Tip: Of Arms and the Law

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sig 556 Ships

Sig has begun shipping the 556 a reverse of the previous trend encouraged by our government to not sell current technology assault weapons to citizens.

At $1300 this is a very attractive pricepoint only a few hundred dollars more than good quality AR series rifles.

Now where are the competitors?

HK 416

That HK is speaking of uppers available to be mated to current model AR series lowers is very attractive.

Robinson XCR


More competition is always welcome as it improves products coming to market and provides price advantages to the public.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Brokeback Bond Redux

Apparently after grossing less at the box office than the previous actor to play Bond's (Pierce Brosnan) last effort, Daniel Craig is not finished in his attempt to hurt the Bond franchise; He is calling for a gay love scene for James Bond.

Now I could not care less one way or another about who does what with whom provided everyone is a consenting adult, but this is bad marketing.

The size of the gay community is not so large, depending on who you believe about 5% of the U.S. population, that it could support a full scale motion picture with the budget provided for most Bond films.

For the record Daniel Craig is not the first to call for a Gay James Bond; Rupert Everett beat him to it.

That the idea was not acted in the last six years inclines me to believe this will be a path not taken.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

State Right To Arms Provisions

The Volokh Conspiracy has a listing of state Right To Arms provisions dating back to the eighteenth century.


Hat tip to Of Arms and the Law.

Helpful Tip For Surplus Rifles

I used MEK (Methyl ethyl ketone)today to clean off the cosmoline off of a SKS I had bought awhile back.

While it worked wonders to clean the cosmoline off it apparently had a deleterious effect on the finish of the stock where it had touched, nearly bleaching a portion.

So helpful hint to others; Keep the MEK off the wood parts of the surplus rifle you are cleaning up for its first trip to the range.

Now I am thinking of stock replacements.