Saturday, November 25, 2006

What Happens When Criminals Do Not Fear

A blogger has a post regarding her sexual assault on public transportation.

Remarkably the advice is just stand there and take it and move away.

Naturally I have taken a different route with the ladies in my household.

I have provided them with the appropriate level of feminine protection.

Unfortunately those in the U.K. cannot adequately arm themselves for self protection; they are not even allowed Mace or Pepper spray.

Not even knives are allowed for self defense within parts of the U.K. moving to regulate those.

All weapons are banned and the one defending themselves is more likely to have the full weight of the law fall upon them than the criminal. Indeed the Crown Prosecution Service restricts people to reasonable levels of force a concept which is subjective at the best of times.

The public interest factors set out immediately above will be especially relevant where, as a matter of undisputed fact, the victim was, at the material time, involved in the commission of a separate offence. Common examples are burglary or theft from motor vehicles. In such cases, prosecutors should ensure that all the surrounding circumstances are taken into consideration in determining whether a prosecution is in the public interest.

Prosecutors should have particular regard to:

  • the nature of the offence being committed by the victim;
  • the degree of excessiveness of the force used by the accused;
  • the extent of the injuries, and the loss or damage, sustained by either or both parties to the incident;
  • whether the accused was making an honest albeit over zealous attempt to uphold the law rather than taking the law into his own hands for the purposes of revenge or retribution.
Do you see that first line?

Here in lies the root of the problem; considering those modern thuggees who prey upon others in the direct commission of a criminal act a victim when those they prey upon turn on them and defend themselves from their attacker.

Things are definitely wrong in the U.K. when one cannot defend themselves and I hope they come to reality before they are overwhelmed by the lawlessness they are encouraging.

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