Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stupid Cop Tricks VIII

The police in Atlanta have succeeded in saving the citizens of that city from a 92 year old woman with a handgun.

While supposedly serving a warrant on the home of a 92 year old woman the police came under fire, three of the plain clothes officers being struck before they entered the home and shot the old woman.

That a 92 year old woman who by all reports lived alone was having a search warrant served for drugs is suspicious in and of itself, smacking of bad intelligence and or incompetence in finding the right residence, add to this the fact the officers claim that she initiated hostile fire on them without provocation is beyond belief.

Let's go over a few facts:

1) 92 year old woman,
2) Plainclothes police skulking around property
3) The elderly are often victims of violent crime as they are the proverbial easy prey
4) Older people suffer from infirmities such as hearing loss, poor eyesight, decreased hand eye coordination, etc
5) Three officers were struck by pistolfire by a 92 year old woman; one round was center mass on a bullet proof vest (read cops chest), another was hit in the shoulder, lastly one officer's face was grazed by a round.

For the 92 year old woman to get off three rounds without being hit by return fire is to say the least suspiscious.

That the officers claim to have been outside the residence when this happened is even more questionable. That the three were hit to me sounds like they must have been in an entry way or other choke point which grouped them together e.g. they either did not knock and announce themselves and were caught inside the residence or the knock and announcement was so perfunctory as to not have caught the attention of the home owner.

And how do the officers expect their claim to be heard with a straight face that the woman got off at least three rounds before they shot her?

Did the officers not have their own weapons drawn when serving the search warrant?

This smells of a coverup for a monumental career ending fiasco by officers involved.

Even if the warrant was served on the right residence and the intelligence that drugs were stored there, above and beyond the prescriptions the elderly have, these officers should be laughed out of their profession for having a 92 year old woman getting the drop on them.

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