Saturday, November 18, 2006

National Buy Ammo Day Purchases

Today I stopped by Sportsman's Warehouse and purchased 150 rounds as part of the National Buy Ammo Day effort.

I purchased an additional 100 rounds of Winchester 9x19mm 124gr FMJ and 50 rounds of Winchester .357 Magnum 110 gr JHP.

I also picked up some of the fluorescent shoot and see targets.

On my way in I saw the Toys For Tots booth outside.

While headed to the check out line I browsed the strategically placed toy firearms display. While looking over the selection I saw the proverbial cowboy gun and holster, much like the first one I recall having as a child. I picked that up for some child to arm him or herself for the many imaginary adventures ahead of them.

I also picked up a raffle ticket (raffle for a Winchester bolt action rifle in either .270 Winchester or .25 WSM) for a youth group which takes kids into the great outdoors for the activities urban and suburban kids miss out on.

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