Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More Results Of Victim Disarmament

Victim Disarmament.

What is this fascination that gun control has for leftists.

Ah, yes how silly of me to forget, the leftists desire gun control due to the facility of managing those they consider the unbeknighted masses. You see if the commoners were armed they would be able to resist whatever the collectivist program of the month was. Imagine how the Ukraine's famine would have gone in the 1930's during collectivization of the farms had the populace been armed and able to resist.

Those places with the strictest gun control's population suffer harshly from crime and injustice.

Example St. Louis, Missouri has been selected as the most dangerous city in the United States. Missouri, a state in which repeated efforts by lawmakers excercising the will of their constituents to pass a "shall issue" concealed carry permit law, only to have successive liberal governors veto the measures only recently overrode the governor's veto to establish concealed carry. The artifacts of the long history of the leftist political hostility to an armed populace, even today you must have a permit from the County Sherriff to purchase a handgun, a process that takes weeks, is witnessed by the crime rates in St. Louis.

A second example is made clear by the fears of Australian women at the rise in rape and sexual assaults.

FRIGHTENED women are learning self-defence, arming themselves with personal security alarms and exercising in groups following a spate of sex attacks across Brisbane....

The sale of personal alarms and whistles has skyrocketed.

Self-protection consultant Penny Gulliver said learning self-defence was an empowering process for women.

While I certainly agree that learning unarmed self defense techniques are empowering I would recommend a firearm rather than a whistle and a handful of strike moves as a means of defense.

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