Sunday, November 19, 2006

GFW Bond Actor Box Office Drop

Looks like GFW actor Daniel Craig's Casino Royale James Bond film failed to achieve the box office of former Bond Pierce Brosnan's last pic.

A bunch of lively penguins beat a newly buffed James Bond this weekend. This is bad news for Daniel Craig and good news for former Bond Pierce Brosnan. That's because "Casino Royale" took in about $7 million less than Brosnan's last bond feature.

"Die Another Day" had a $47 million opening weekend in 2002. And "Casino Royale" only did $5 million better than Brosnan's 1999 Bond outing, "The World Is Not Enough.

This is the actor who proclaimed his disdain for firearms. Apparently his moral objections were easily overcome by the pay day.

Should his new found familiarity with firearms cure his hoplophobia I will be the first to note his joining of the ranks of his yoemen forefathers.

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