Sunday, November 26, 2006

More On The Lamentable LCS

Cdr Salamander has more on the lamentable LCS program.

Enjoy it here.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

What Happens When Criminals Do Not Fear

A blogger has a post regarding her sexual assault on public transportation.

Remarkably the advice is just stand there and take it and move away.

Naturally I have taken a different route with the ladies in my household.

I have provided them with the appropriate level of feminine protection.

Unfortunately those in the U.K. cannot adequately arm themselves for self protection; they are not even allowed Mace or Pepper spray.

Not even knives are allowed for self defense within parts of the U.K. moving to regulate those.

All weapons are banned and the one defending themselves is more likely to have the full weight of the law fall upon them than the criminal. Indeed the Crown Prosecution Service restricts people to reasonable levels of force a concept which is subjective at the best of times.

The public interest factors set out immediately above will be especially relevant where, as a matter of undisputed fact, the victim was, at the material time, involved in the commission of a separate offence. Common examples are burglary or theft from motor vehicles. In such cases, prosecutors should ensure that all the surrounding circumstances are taken into consideration in determining whether a prosecution is in the public interest.

Prosecutors should have particular regard to:

  • the nature of the offence being committed by the victim;
  • the degree of excessiveness of the force used by the accused;
  • the extent of the injuries, and the loss or damage, sustained by either or both parties to the incident;
  • whether the accused was making an honest albeit over zealous attempt to uphold the law rather than taking the law into his own hands for the purposes of revenge or retribution.
Do you see that first line?

Here in lies the root of the problem; considering those modern thuggees who prey upon others in the direct commission of a criminal act a victim when those they prey upon turn on them and defend themselves from their attacker.

Things are definitely wrong in the U.K. when one cannot defend themselves and I hope they come to reality before they are overwhelmed by the lawlessness they are encouraging.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone and their families a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stupid Cop Tricks VIII

The police in Atlanta have succeeded in saving the citizens of that city from a 92 year old woman with a handgun.

While supposedly serving a warrant on the home of a 92 year old woman the police came under fire, three of the plain clothes officers being struck before they entered the home and shot the old woman.

That a 92 year old woman who by all reports lived alone was having a search warrant served for drugs is suspicious in and of itself, smacking of bad intelligence and or incompetence in finding the right residence, add to this the fact the officers claim that she initiated hostile fire on them without provocation is beyond belief.

Let's go over a few facts:

1) 92 year old woman,
2) Plainclothes police skulking around property
3) The elderly are often victims of violent crime as they are the proverbial easy prey
4) Older people suffer from infirmities such as hearing loss, poor eyesight, decreased hand eye coordination, etc
5) Three officers were struck by pistolfire by a 92 year old woman; one round was center mass on a bullet proof vest (read cops chest), another was hit in the shoulder, lastly one officer's face was grazed by a round.

For the 92 year old woman to get off three rounds without being hit by return fire is to say the least suspiscious.

That the officers claim to have been outside the residence when this happened is even more questionable. That the three were hit to me sounds like they must have been in an entry way or other choke point which grouped them together e.g. they either did not knock and announce themselves and were caught inside the residence or the knock and announcement was so perfunctory as to not have caught the attention of the home owner.

And how do the officers expect their claim to be heard with a straight face that the woman got off at least three rounds before they shot her?

Did the officers not have their own weapons drawn when serving the search warrant?

This smells of a coverup for a monumental career ending fiasco by officers involved.

Even if the warrant was served on the right residence and the intelligence that drugs were stored there, above and beyond the prescriptions the elderly have, these officers should be laughed out of their profession for having a 92 year old woman getting the drop on them.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

CheTards Applaud Daniel Ortega's Return To Power

Neptunus Lex has a post on former communist dictator Daniel Ortega's electoral victory where due to the conservative vote being fractured between two candidates he is again el presidente in Nicaragua.

Last time he was in power President Reagan backed the Contras to remove him from power.

This time an election will suffice after they see the people of Nicragua see the marxist-leninist shenanigans begin.


I just purchased some Contra coffee grown by former Contra's. There is nothing quite like a strong cup of freedom.

GFW Bond Actor Box Office Drop

Looks like GFW actor Daniel Craig's Casino Royale James Bond film failed to achieve the box office of former Bond Pierce Brosnan's last pic.

A bunch of lively penguins beat a newly buffed James Bond this weekend. This is bad news for Daniel Craig and good news for former Bond Pierce Brosnan. That's because "Casino Royale" took in about $7 million less than Brosnan's last bond feature.

"Die Another Day" had a $47 million opening weekend in 2002. And "Casino Royale" only did $5 million better than Brosnan's 1999 Bond outing, "The World Is Not Enough.

This is the actor who proclaimed his disdain for firearms. Apparently his moral objections were easily overcome by the pay day.

Should his new found familiarity with firearms cure his hoplophobia I will be the first to note his joining of the ranks of his yoemen forefathers.

Previous post on this topic here.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Democracies Standing Together

The word's two greatest democracies United States of America (yes, I know we are a democratic republic) and India have signed a nuclear cooperation agreement

Bush and Singh praised the deal at a joint news conference, but they did not mention that it would allow India to produce vast quantities of fissile material, something the United States and the four other major nuclear powers -- China, Russia, France and Britain -- have voluntarily halted. The pact also does not require oversight of India's prototype fast-breeder reactors, which can produce significant amounts of super-grade plutonium when fully operating.

The Bush administration originally sought a plan that would have allowed India to continue producing material for six to 10 weapons each year, but the new plan would allow India enough fissile material for as many as 50 weapons a year. Experts said this would far exceed what is believed to be its current capacity.

"The nuclear options that India insisted on protecting in this deal cast serious doubt on its declared policy of seeking only a credible minimum deterrent," said Robert J. Einhorn, a former assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation, now at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

Bush and Singh described the deal, which has been in the works since July, as an important breakthrough in U.S.-India relations, less than a decade after the two nations were estranged and bitterly divided over India's nuclear ambitions.

This another great moment for freedom worldwide as a natural friendship is strengthened, one which adds greater strength to the resistance to totalitarian states and their attempts extend the malevolent cloud of their influence throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Fidel Headed For Gulag In The Sky?

Val over at Babalu Blog has a post regarding the Swiss bankers who had previously handled the Cuban Commie's finances are cutting Fidel Castro off.

Looks like Castro's commie clique is not expected to outlive his demise which apparently imminent.

Geneva - Switzerland's two biggest banks, UBS and Credit Suisse, have stopped all transactions with Cuba, they both said on Sunday.

Spokespeople for the banks said they now consider Cuba to be a "sensitive" country, confirming a report by the Swiss German weekly SonntagsZeitung.

UBS, Switzerland's largest bank, also stopped business with Cuban companies and people living on the communist island.

Christoph Meier, UBS spokesperson, said it costs too much to ensure that Cuba respects and conforms to legal and financial regulations.

Cuba joins a number of "sensitive" countries with which UBS has no business relations, including Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.
My prayers are for a peaceful transition to a free state run with open, honest elections and free market economy and attendant overwhelming improvement for the lot of the common man in Cuba.

When Castro's commie clique passes and democracy flourishes I will assuredly make it a vacation spot and support the people of Cuba in the most powerful direct fashion; with cold hard cash.

Cuba Libre!

National Buy Ammo Day Purchases

Today I stopped by Sportsman's Warehouse and purchased 150 rounds as part of the National Buy Ammo Day effort.

I purchased an additional 100 rounds of Winchester 9x19mm 124gr FMJ and 50 rounds of Winchester .357 Magnum 110 gr JHP.

I also picked up some of the fluorescent shoot and see targets.

On my way in I saw the Toys For Tots booth outside.

While headed to the check out line I browsed the strategically placed toy firearms display. While looking over the selection I saw the proverbial cowboy gun and holster, much like the first one I recall having as a child. I picked that up for some child to arm him or herself for the many imaginary adventures ahead of them.

I also picked up a raffle ticket (raffle for a Winchester bolt action rifle in either .270 Winchester or .25 WSM) for a youth group which takes kids into the great outdoors for the activities urban and suburban kids miss out on.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Easy Prey

I have often thought that thieves, robbers, rapists, murderers, et all are like predators out of a Discovery channel show looking for easy game to and from the watering hole.

The parallels are obvious; the watering hole is the ATM or other area where we need to queue up in isolation, the weak are those that are not physically intimidating (big, strong, young or armed) or are in small numbers.

This was clearly evidenced in an robbery outside a Wal Mart in Connecticut.

As people lined up to purchase their Playstation III they were robbed by two armed men.

The one individual who resisted was shot.

Two armed thugs tried to rob a line of people waiting to buy the new Playstation 3 gaming console early Friday and shot one who refused to give up the money, authorities said.

The two confronted 15 to 20 people who were in line outside a Wal-Mart store shortly after 3 a.m. and demanded money, said Lt. J. Paul Vance, a spokesman for the state police. The new Sony consoles are selling for around $500 to $600.

This could have been avoided had there been a fear on the part of the criminals of an armed presence. A group of geeks queued up for their latest gaming fix was no deterrent to the predators at what was obviously the modern equivalent of the watering hole. Had any of these gamers been armed they might have prevented the situation. It likely would have been easy to spot the criminals from their behavior on the approach to the line.

one was wearing a ski mask and brandishing a handgun, and the other had what appeared to be a shotgun.

Another possible resolution would have been from WalMarts side:

Had WalMart provided armed security outside the store for its patrons. I sincerely doubt the expense would have been exorbitant to provide its customers with security regardless of whether the burden to do so was on them or not to do so. I would think the loss of commerce represented by the sales missed would have at least covered the expense, especially so if you add the fact that the individuals would have purchased multiple games and other accessories.

It would be interesting to know if WalMarts in Connecticut or this WalMart in particular had a no firearms policy.

One store did have a unique approach to safeugarding the welfare of their employees and customers:

A Best Buy in Boston, aware it had only 140 of the consoles, got smart - its employees gave out tickets to the first 140 people in line so everyone could go home.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sounds Like A Safe Place

Another town has adopted a "must own" law wherein citizens, in this case barring those with religious restrictions against, are to own a firearms.

Sounds like a lovely town to retire to.

Not that I am ready for that anytime soon.

The ever thoughtful and informative Alphecca brings us the story.

Hat tip to Instapundit.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Comrade Bob

Looks like Comrade Bob is having a problem with his airline.

Who guessed that if you tried to run your country with no regard for its economic well being you would see it all fall apart?

Publius Pundit has more on the situation with Zimbabwe.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Depending On The Outcome...

Depending on the outcome of today's elections I may have to make a visit to the local gun shops

If the leftists or progressive elements if you prefer, win big in today's elections it will only be a short time before they start calling for gun control. Its a habit they can not seem to break, like their habit of increasing taxes and coming up with spending programs to keep the poor dependent on them delivering more freebies rather than making them become self dependent.

I figure the items on my list are:

More hi capacity magazines for AK
Folding stock AK varient
Another FAL receiver or two
Perhaps an AR15 with collapsible stock and accessories
More ammo in every caliber I own.

It would be nice if I did not need to run out and do this suddenly but with the leftists likely to control the House and Senate you know they will not be able to resist their peasant disarmament desires.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

National Buy Ammo Day

National Buy Ammo Day is the 19th of November this year.

Kim Du Toit has a good breakdown on the day.

I could use some more 7.62x39mm and 9x19mm.

Two nice places to purchase your 100 or more rounds of ammo:


JG Sales

Unarmed Security Guard?

Dr. Helen by way of Instapundit has an article on the murder of an unarmed security guard at a Knoxville, TN school.

He was provided no body armor by his employer and no weapon.

Patrolling at night he came across an armed career criminal.

He was shot in the back, suffering a mortal wound, as he attempted to flee.

Here we have an illustration of the worthlessness of the ridiculous suggestions of the lefties that running away is a good defense mechanism when confronted by an armed criminal.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More Results Of Victim Disarmament

Victim Disarmament.

What is this fascination that gun control has for leftists.

Ah, yes how silly of me to forget, the leftists desire gun control due to the facility of managing those they consider the unbeknighted masses. You see if the commoners were armed they would be able to resist whatever the collectivist program of the month was. Imagine how the Ukraine's famine would have gone in the 1930's during collectivization of the farms had the populace been armed and able to resist.

Those places with the strictest gun control's population suffer harshly from crime and injustice.

Example St. Louis, Missouri has been selected as the most dangerous city in the United States. Missouri, a state in which repeated efforts by lawmakers excercising the will of their constituents to pass a "shall issue" concealed carry permit law, only to have successive liberal governors veto the measures only recently overrode the governor's veto to establish concealed carry. The artifacts of the long history of the leftist political hostility to an armed populace, even today you must have a permit from the County Sherriff to purchase a handgun, a process that takes weeks, is witnessed by the crime rates in St. Louis.

A second example is made clear by the fears of Australian women at the rise in rape and sexual assaults.

FRIGHTENED women are learning self-defence, arming themselves with personal security alarms and exercising in groups following a spate of sex attacks across Brisbane....

The sale of personal alarms and whistles has skyrocketed.

Self-protection consultant Penny Gulliver said learning self-defence was an empowering process for women.

While I certainly agree that learning unarmed self defense techniques are empowering I would recommend a firearm rather than a whistle and a handful of strike moves as a means of defense.

Previous article on the land down under and self defense and another here.

More information is available here, here and here.

San Francisco Victim Disarmament Zone

Here is a poignant story on how the police cannot protect you even at a venue where they screen all entrants.

Ten people were shot at a San Francisco street party on Halloween.

That is correct in the People's Republic of Kalifornia, in a city that has twice attempted to ban handguns and has draconiant policies in place for posession of a handgun, there were ten people shot at a party.

Here is the kicker:

"We had the sheriff's department screening people for weapons and alcohol. Obviously you have a major event - a lot of different spots" to patrol, said police spokesman Neville Gittens said. "I can't explain how this happened. Unfortunately it did happen, and we are investigating to find out who is the cause of the shooting
That is correct ladies and gentlemen, even when the police were screening those who entered for weapons and alcohol they missed someone with a weapon and ten people were shot.

Another fine example of how relying upon the police for protection will only leave you an unarmed, easy target.