Sunday, October 22, 2006

Upgrading The Smoking Lounge

My heterosexual life partner decided that our smoking lounge, also referred to as the back patio, needed to be upgraded.

With the addition of porcelain tile the appearance of the smoking lounge was brought up a notch.

To enhance the year long comfort of our patio we purchased a new patio heater.

Previously we had used a table top patio heater which made about a 15 degree difference in the temperature in a 3' radius.

When you had guests over on holidays this was barely adequate to cover people.

Previously at a restaurant I had noted the Bernzomatic, a patio heater with the elements heating around the circumfrence of the unit rather than from the top down as seen in our table top model and other patio heaters.

This will it to keep my heterosexual life partner warmer from head to toe rather than literally a hot head and cold feet as seen with the patio heaters that have their elements at the top.

There are only two issues with the Bernzomatic. This first concern is that it will use more propane which is not a big deal as it will produce much more heat.

The second issue is that it will bear watching due to its uncanny resemblance to a Dalek.

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