Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stupid Cop Tricks

Apparently another brave defender of the public trust defended himself from a viscious attacker by shooting her while she posed no threat to him.

A judge has rejected the self-defense claims of a state police trooper who fatally shot a motorist forced off the road. The decision keeps a lawsuit by the driver's family on track for a trial sometime next year. An assistant Michigan attorney general asked Lenawee County Circuit Judge Timothy Pickard to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the family of Jesalynn Simons. The 18-year-old died a day after being shot in the leg by trooper David Rivard.

Pickard watched a patrol-car video of the December eleventh, 2003 incident. He said he saw Rivard shooting through the passenger-door window as the car backed up.

Rivard has testified he shot in self-defense after Simons backed into another patrol car and drove toward him.

For those in my home town this will be quite familiar.

Dan Lovelace then a Chandler police officer shot and killed a woman who tried to get away after attempting to get a fake prescription filled.

Standing at the driver window disgraced Officer Lovelace fired as the woman tried to drive off.

At no time was he in danger from the vehicle since cars don't drive sideways.

Lovelace shot anyway. Striking the woman in the back. Luckily missing the toddler in the child seat next to the drug addict mother.

Police are given wide lattitude and leniency when it comes to excercising the trust placed in them. However this trust should also come with as much accountability as it does leniency. I would encourage officers to patrol their ranks as zealously as they perform their other duties and remove those who are unfit before they damage their own standing in the eyes of the public.

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