Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Next Rifle Condundrum

One of the thornier problems firearms owners have to deal with is which firearm to get next.

This question has puzzled many of my fellow firearms enthusiasts.

How do you decide what to get next?

Should I purchase a rifle in a caliber I already have on hand?

For now let's presume the answer is yes.

That would mean a rifle in 7.62x51mm, 7.62x39mm or 7.62x54R.

So that means one of the following:

SKS; A great truck or trunk rifle, solid stopping power and a spouse pleasing inexpensive price tag.

Kalashnikov copy; those Yugo folders sure do look nice and would give my wife and I a His and Hers. That I could have the AK with decent red dot sight for the price of two of the other rifles competing for a space in my home is a very big plus.

Dragunov copy; there are now some Romanian dragunovs in available for a price not too much higher than the average AK copy and about what another FAL build. Ammunition is cheap and widely available unlike during the 1970s when my father had a rifle in that caliber.

pic stolen shamelessly from headsbunker.com

FAL; another metric build, downside is the availability of upper receivers currently and then build time for a gunsmith. This is a design I am familiar and a 16" carbine sure would look nice along with the rifle I have currently. image shamelessly stolen from DefenseReview.com
This is a dillema which I will have to spend some time pondering.

Of course I could always go with the thought that I have .30 caliber well covered at this point and should branch out into 5.56x45mm?

Ammo is affordable for the AR series of rifles and a local shop has a stunning deal on an M-4gery. But then I would have to purchase more magazines, ammunition, relearn the quirks of the AR/m16 series, etc.

Choices, Choices.

Input on this one is welcome.

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Jack Landers said...

If it were me, I'd pick up one of those Dragunov copies. There are enough Simonovs and AKs out there that you'll always be able to pick one up at a guns show for the next 50 years, even though prices will go up once the wholesale stocks are gone. Not so with those Dragunovs. There just aren't all that many out there compared to other surplus rifles. You'll never regret having bought a rifle like that.

Of course, I should talk. Every time I'm going to buy another rifle I read all of the latest 03-FFL catalogues and I do some research and I chew it over before breaking down and buying yet another Mauser. I do realize that I have a problem.

A man can just never have enough Mausers. I want to put them all into a giant press and squeeze them for juice and then inject that wholesome Mauser concentrate directly into my veins.