Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gun Control Laws Artificially Inflating Prices

Living in the United States of America we have things better than most countries.

I know this.

This does not mean there is not room for improvement.

By improvement I mean removing government restrictions on what people purchase, spend their time on, etc.

Activist government and its bureaucracy decide what is good for us and steer us (pun intended) towards these choices through regulation and taxation.

Examples of this are abundant however some easy ones are tobacco products and alcohol to name but two.

How prices are artificially inflated is easy to see in today example the CZ vz58.

Those who now me know I am a fan of the products from the Czech Republic including of course their fine firearms and beer.

One of the firearms I would like to own but am unable to due to government restrictions is the Vz 58.

While Ohio Ordinance Works makes a semi-automatic version of the Vz 58 built on imported kits from the Czech Republic the cost is $1250 fully thrice that of a good to excellent Kalashnikov copy also in semi-automatic configuration.

Compare this to our brethren in Canada, a nation known for its liberal (read socialist) policies, where the Czech produced semi-automatic version of the VZ 58 is available for $585 Canadian.

This is due the restrictions placed upon us by a RINO president by executive fiat in 1989.

While I know that I can purchase many similar firearms for my collection and Homeland defense needs it exasperates me that models of identical function (semi-automatic gas operation) are prohibited based solely upon a fiat that precludes foreign manufacture forcing costly alterations be made state-side to accomodate same.

I want to see these arbitrary and nonsensical rules to disappear and judging by the advancement of the 2nd Amendment liberties back into the consciousness of my fellow Americans there may come a day when government no longer tries to bully, cajole or steer the public, or at least not as blatantly, as it currently does with its policies.

On that happy day I will purchase a rifle like this young lady has from the freedom loving home of the Velvet Revolution.

My thanks to Kim DuToit reminding me of my desire for another fine product of the Czech Republic.

My thanks also goes out to Ohio Ordinance Works and all those who turn unwanted, surplus rifles back into the implements used to defend life, liberty and the pursuit of happines.

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