Friday, September 15, 2006

Orianna Falacci Passes

Those who know me understand that I have a firm faith in the quintessential American values; courage to stand your ground and do what's right regardless of the popularity of it, self reliance, speaking your mind, to name a few.

I also support whole heartedly free speech.

I have purchased books that I do not agree with just to thwart those who say I should not read it.

An example would be Philip Jose Farmer's Image of the Beast.

Another example would be the works of Orianna Fallaci.

While I did not agree with much of what she said, I do support her right to have her say without moderation or prohibition.

Free speech should not be abridged.

For this reason I purchased her books.

In her home country she was under indictment for her writing and had to hide in New York.

This week she returned to her home country, Italy, to die.

Politic's Central has a write up on the late Orianna Fallaci.

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